Northeast State nursing students get their pins

Northeast State recognized the newest class of Nursing Division graduates at the 2012 Pinning Ceremony held Monday night at the WRCPA Theater in Blountville.

In the Dean’s charge to the graduates, Nursing Division Dean Dr. Melessia Webb reminded students the easiest choice was not always the best one. She challenged graduates to make their decisions carefully and be accountable for their choices.

The triumph and kinship between nursing graduates.

“Decisions determine destinies,” she told the class of 39 students. “The decision to enroll in the nursing program was a very large decision – all the decisions you have made come together to bring you to where you are tonight.”

Northeast State Nursing graduates for 2012 are: Carey Banks, Amanda Basham, Kristi Begley, Jennifer Blumberg, Tina Bowery, Cynthia Boyd, Joshua Buck, Holly Byrd, Shannon Charlton, Ashley Day, John Dowling, Tabitha Fisher, Courtney Griffin, Heather Grindstaff, Shea Holly, Miriam Humphrey, Sue Lowe, Carl McCoy, Ronnie McRae, Julie Moore, Ashley Morelock, Blayne Murrell, Kymberly Nelsen, Peter Olsen Selena Parrott, Whitney Pate, Sheila Quillen, Betsey Ritz, Teresa Schneweis, Hayley Shields, Matthew Smith, Jessica Smith, Whitney Snyder, Denise Sosnoski, Samuel Vaughn, Laura Wagner, Karri Wingfield, Kenneth Worley, Jr., and Andrew Worrell.

A new class of Northeast State nurses.

The pinning ceremony provided a symbolic welcoming of new nurses into the profession. Each graduating student received a Northeast State Nursing pin on his or her white lab coat signifying completion of the associate of applied science degree program.

Selected to answer the Dean’s charge on behalf of the graduates was student Samuel Vaughn.  He thanked the nursing faculty, his classmates, and all their families for their support during trying times of nursing school.

“About this time two years each of us made a huge decision when with fingers crossed and breath held, we mailed off our nursing school applications,” said Vaughn.  “That now brings us to this night – we are graduate nurses.”

Nursing students received their pins from Dr. Melessia Webb.

Andrew Worrell received the program’s Outstanding Student Award.   Betsey Ritz received the Adult Learner of the Year Award.  Heather Grindstaff won the Nursing academic award.

The nursing students receive their diplomas Tuesday night at the College’s spring commencement ceremony scheduled for 7 p.m. at Mountains State Health Alliance Athletic Center on the campus of East Tennessee State University.

“We have endured so much and have so much to be proud of,” Vaughn told the audience. “Now let’s go make the decision to be the best nurses in the area.”