Financial Aid

The goal of the Financial Aid Office at Northeast State is to provide you with accurate, confidential, and complete information in a courteous environment. Our staff will make every effort to address your specific situation, and even if your questions require expertise outside our office, we will attempt to put you in contact with the person who can provide the assistance you need.

Effective with the 2013-2014 academic year Northeast State Community College will no longer be participating in the Direct Loan ProgramFor important information regarding changes to the Federal Direct Loan Program for the 2013-2014 Academic Year, please click HERE

Friendly Reminder

As the financial aid process does take time, so start right away. Financial aid funds are often limited, so it is important that you apply early. Though we continue to award financial aid throughout the year, the students who apply early usually receive larger grant awards.

Please read all of the information you receive from the Financial Aid Office. If we are requesting information from you, return it quickly as failure to do so may result in delays in your financial aid. Should you have questions about anything we send you, please call so we can address your concerns.

If selected for verification, the student must complete a Verification Worksheet, submit copies of the parent(s)/student/spouse Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Federal Tax Transcript and copies of all W-2s from employers, and any other untaxed income documentation to Northeast State.  For more information click here.

Financial Aid Priority Deadlines

Students must submit all documents by the priority deadline date in order to guarantee that their files will be processed and awarded for the following semester. Read more 


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