The NE Honors Program wants you!

Check your student email for a special invitation. You just might be eligible to join the Northeast State Honors Program. Students with an overall ACT exam score of 25 or higher OR a grade point average of 3.25 are eligible for the Honors Program.

The Northeast State Honors Program wants to hear from eligible students.

Honors classes are smaller—usually no more than 20 students—allowing for close interaction between students and faculty.  All honors courses are noted as such on student transcripts. Northeast State students completing more than 18 hours of honors coursework receive an honors diploma. Why is this important? Because an honors diploma makes you highly competitive for transfer scholarships to four-year institutions. If you would like to take honors classes, complete the Fall 2018 Honors Course Registration Form here:

Honors program-eligible students are invited to attend one of two Student Orientation/Information Sessions on the following dates: Aug. 8, from 10:00-11:30 and on Aug. 9, from 1:00-2:30. Both sessions will be held in Room L226 of Basler Library on the Blountville campus.

Please complete the Honors Eligible Orientation Session Form to indicate which session you plan to attend. For more information contact Dr. Jane Honeycutt at 423.354.2596 or

Wild Blue Yonder plays Northeast State July 12

Whether delivering a folk ballad, an alt-country satire, or an inspiring spiritual anthem, Wild Blue Yonder performs some of the best music of our region.

Northeast State welcomes Wild Blue Yonder for a performance on July 12 at the WRCPA Theatre on the Blountville campus next to Tri-Cities Regional Airport. The show continues the College’s Hot Nights, Cool Music summer concert series. The music begins at 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. The concert is free and open to the public.

Preserving the musical traditions of their Appalachian region while giving fresh voice to ancient themes of love and loss, Wild Blue Yonder ranks as one of the region’s favorite bands. Formed as a five-piece band in 2001, the band produced two well-received contemporary bluegrass CDs. Both discs, Bolt Out of the Blue and Above & Beyond received airplay on bluegrass and folk radio stations across the country and internationally in the U.K., Australia, and the Netherlands.

Wild Blue Yonder

Stylistically, it’s hard to label the self-penned songs of band founders/writers Melissa Wade and Philip Coward. Cindy Wallace, who contributes soulful fiddle, makes up the third member of the new Wild Blue Yonder. All three members of the group are veteran entertainers who not only deliver their music with passion and sincerity but also engage every audience sharing life stories up close and personal.

Wade’s love of music began at the piano, her first instrument, at age 8. Her first piano “gig” happened in a small Methodist church. In that setting, she found a love of sacred music that empowers her songs today. Guitar was the next instrument to catch her ear, largely owing to the music of Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith, major influences on her performance style.

Coward, who plays guitar, mandolin, and banjo, comes from a long and diverse musical background. He began playing guitar at age 12, bass a few years later, and was a veteran of numerous in-demand working bands in Knoxville by age 22.

Wallace traces her musical roots to the family band in which she began performing as a young teen in Greenville, N.C. Her father, Will, was her first musical influence and whom she credits with inspiring her in many ways. With her sisters, she performed at numerous Sevier County, Tenn., venues for many years, including Dollywood, Music Mansion, and the Rainbow Theater.

For more information, visit or contact 423.279.7668 or

TRiO at Northeast State

(Northeast State highlights students service offices around campus this summer with links to their services. First up is the TRiO Students Support Services office.)

You know something that is both useful and great?  The TRiO Student Support Services Program at Northeast State.

The Northeast State TRiO team of Jenny Reed, Raylene Steward, Tonya Cassell, and Rita Lay assist students with a variety of services from academic planning and advising to tutoring and transfer opportunities.

TRiO assists low-income, first-generation and/or students with documented disabilities graduate from college and transfer to a four-year college or university. Northeast State’s TRiO SSS program serves 180 eligible students annually. Applications are being taken now for the fall semester and can be submitted here.

TRiO advising staff meet with students throughout the semester with a great emphasis on academic planning. TRiO advisors help students understand general education requirements, registration and financial aid opportunities, and understand degree/certificate programs available. To learn more about TRiO at Northeast State, visit their website and apply now for the fall semester.

McCord named to Leadership Tennessee 2018-19 class

Northeast State’s Dr. Jeff McCord, vice president for Economic and Workforce Development, has been selected for the Leadership Tennessee class of 2018-19.

“I’m honored to represent Northeast State and our region in the Leadership Tennessee class of 2018-19,” said McCord. “I greatly appreciate the opportunity and look forward to listening and learning from some amazing people from across our state. There is no doubt there will be many lessons I can bring back home.”

Dr. Jeff McCord

McCord guides the college’s Workforce Solutions function which comprises workforce development and customized training programs offered through all college teaching sites and facilities including the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM). McCord oversees the College’s Adult Education programs and services in the state’s First Development District. He also serves as the lead administrator for the Kingsport Academic Village campus and liaison for the president of Northeast State.

McCord joins this year’s class of 45 members representing geographic regions across the state, including the communities of Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville, Kingsport, Johnson City and Chattanooga. Class members represent professional sectors including agriculture, tourism, education, economic development, government, and healthcare.

Leadership Tennessee, an initiative of the College of Leadership & Public Service at Lipscomb University in Nashville, selects a new class of leaders every year. Now welcoming its sixth class, Leadership Tennessee classes visit different regions and communities across the state, learning best practices and analyzing important issues faced by Tennesseans.

McCord has over 20 years of business and industry experience including a number of management positions and specific capability related to organizational effectiveness and corporate education. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. He also holds an M.B.A., from Kennesaw State University, and a Doctor of Education in Learning and Leadership from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Born and raised in Sandy Springs, Ga., McCord now resides in Kingsport with his wife of 30 years CeeGee. Jeff and CeeGee have three children and three “children-in-law”, Sam and Kayla, Grace and Sean, and John and Lydia. McCord says that his wife and children, along with their spouses, are the finest people he knows. In 2002, McCord completed Sewanee University’s Education for Ministry program. He is active in both community and faith-based related efforts.

McCord’s résumé extends into writing, publishing, and public speaking. Over the past couple of decades, he has served as a speaker for numerous events and published short stories and essays in a variety of periodicals. In his eighteen years as a columnist for two Tennessee newspapers, he has also written more than 700 columns. His novel, Awkward Grace, was published by Twilight Times Books.

President’s List and VP’s List for spring 2018

Northeast State is proud to announce the students named to the Vice President and President’s List for academic excellence during the 2018 spring semester.

Students named to the President’s List completed the spring semester with a minimum of 12 hours of college-level credit and a grade point average of 4.00. Students making the President’s List are:

Jason Abernathy; Makayla Adams; Thomas Adams; Robert Adkins; Heather Allen; Magnus Allen; Casey Allison; Melissa Archer; Micah Arnold; Sarah Arnold; Mattie Atkins; Nathan Atwell; Amber Bacon; Lauren Bacon; Zachary Baker; Brandon Ball; Miranda Barbe; Vanessa Bare; Heather Barham; McKayla Barker; DeAnna Barrett; Andrew Beach; Hannah Beach; Hayden Begley; Christian Bell; Kevin Bennett; Shaun Bennett; Cassidy Birchfield; Daniel Bishop; Derek Bishop; Jada Bledsoe; April Blevins; Kassie Blevins; Lacie Blevins; Raven Blevins; Terry Blevins; Tucker Boggs; Grant Bonner; Aaliyah Booker; Emrie Boone; Myra Bower; Caleb Boyd; Jerika Boyd; David Brown; Gavin Bundy; Ashley Burke; Emily Burroughs; Alicia Bynum; Autumn Byrd; Christian Calhoun; Brittany Calixto; Madison Camus; Alexandra Carroll; Justin Carter; Phillip Carter; Derek Cartozzo; Caleb Carty; Lilibeth Cash; Erin Cassity; Paiton Chambers; Kaylee Chandler; Aaron Chesser; Nataliya Chibizova; Charles Clawson; David Clayton; Savana Cleek; Nadia Clementi; Angela Cobble; Dorina Coggins; John Coleman; Noah Coleman; Cory Combs; Mollie Conkin; Crystal Counts; Mara Cox; Brandon Craft; Jacob Crain; Laura Crain; Jade Crusenberry; Noah Crusenberry; Payton Culbertson; Jacob Cumbow; Zachary Dabrescia; Kimberly Daluisio; Megan Daniel; Gabriel Davis; Johnny Davis; Khristian Demelo; Brittany Depew; Shaylin Depew; Paige DiPirro; Katie Diamond; Callie Dill; Tory Dillard; Joseph Dippel; Braxton Dukette; Danny Dulaney; Kevin Duncan; Joshua Dunn; Delayna Dykes; Sydney Eades; Monica Edmiston; Daniel Effler; Lilly Ellis; Brianna Estep; Gina Estep; Michael Everhardt; Braydan Favre; Eden Fenner; Payton Fenner; Lexie Ferguson; Chandler Fields; Jason Fields; Joshua Fields; Kari Fields; Brionna Fleenor; Cady Fleenor; Kevin Fleenor; Sydney Forbes; Laurel Fortener; Ashley Fortune; Kaitlyn Frady; Indya Fraysier; Darren Freeman; Kelsey Furr; Nathaniel Galloway; Bethany Galovin; Jesse Garber; Delfino Garcia; Gregory Glessing; Alec Glovier; Hannah Gobble; Frances Godfrey; Gabriel Gonzales; Jose Gonzales; Dakoda Goodwin; Jeffery Gouge; Lacey Goulding; Jonathan Greene; Samantha Greene; Kelly Grenvik; Amy Grindstaff; Jacob Grindstaff; Jonathan Grindstaff; Megan Grubbs; Denna Hall; Logan Hall; Ryley Hall; Alec Hamaker; Payton Hammitt; Patrick Harr; Joseph Harrigan; Maylee Haynes; Seth Helton; Audra Henley; Irene Henley; Rachel Henson; Hannah Hess; Luke Hicks; Gage Holmes; Jesse Hooven; Callie Howington; Jessica Howington; Preston Huff; Summer Hunley; Samuel Icenhour; Emily Jackson; Jenna Jacobs; Rachel Jenkins; Landis Johnson; Malayna Johnson; Zachery Johnson; Christopher Jones; Jennifer Jones; Miranda Jones; Steven Jones; Tayler Jones; Katie Jordan; Cory Judd; Kacie Keefer; Neely Keene; Clay Kennedy; David Kennedy; Daniel Kilgore; Steven Kincheloe; Amber King; Danielle Knittel; Ethan Krtausch; Lindsey Laughrun; Morgan Leach; Graceson Leonard; Nathaniel Leonard; Anna Lewis; Ashley Little; Delia Little; Shawn Looney; Autumn Lowe; Ryan Lunceford; Rachael Malone; Gregory Marshall; Conner Martin; Brayden Massey; Amanda Matthews; Jacob Maurer; Benjamin McCann; Cooper McCoy; Jayden McCurry; Brianna McMillan; Jessica McPeek; Charis McReynolds; Kaitlyn Mccracken; Courtnie Mckinney; Matthew Mcpeak; Sydnee Merritt; Leslie Meyer;  Amanda Miller; Courtney Miller; Ethan Miller; Gabriel Miller; Kaitlin Miller; Cameron Mitchell; Casondra Mitchell; Jonathan Mnich; LaBreeska Montgomery; Haley Moore; Marylou Morales; Tristan Morley; Lisa Morrell; Wesley Mosier; Autumn Murdock; Morgan Musick; Charles Norton; Ethan Nussio; Eyan Nussio; Dalton O’Neal; Katelyn Oakes; Jordan Ortega; Stephanie Osborn; Mollie Osborne; John Owen; Brandon Pate; John Peace; Reagan Penix; Oscar Perez Ramos; Jeffery Peters; Dominic Peterson; Lauren Phemister; Scott Philipp; Max Phillips; Kathy Phipps; Harrison Pollitte; Whitney Poore; Jorge Porras; Lindsey Post; Sara Presley; Michaela Price; Aleksey Prokhnevskiy; Jamie Proulex; Sophia Quick; Richard Ramey; Elizabeth Rankin; Clara Rash; Abigail Rasnick; Luis Reynoso; Chelsi Rhodes; Emily Rhoton; Emily Richmond; Bes Riner; Hunter Roberts; Skylar Roberts; Savannah Robinette; Hannah Robinson; Shaffer Robinson; Heather Rogers; James Roundtree; Anabelle Rowe; Alexis Ryans; Jahna Rynes; Anthony Salas; Randy Salvagno; Elizabeth Salyers; Shannon Sands; Grace Sauer; Sarah Saulsbury; William Schuettler; Brandon Scott; John Sheets; Joy Shepherd; Kendra Shipley; Tiny Shipley; Taylor Shockley; Laura Shupe; Justin Simerly; Teresa Simpson; Grant Skelton; Christopher Smith; Corey Snodgrass; Madison Snyder; Samuel Sparks; Eli Spencer; Jasmine Sprouse; Gavin Stacy; Katherine Starnes; Zachary Staton; Sally Steadman; Dakota Steffey; Megan Stipes; Gavin Strawn; Olivia Sturgill; Lindsey Suder; Leeah Sutton; Stephanie Swanson; Eric Swatzell; Ciera Tate; Jose Tavarez; Elizabeth Taylor; Brandon Templeton; Carsen Terry; John Tester; Lyndsey Thacker; Mary Thacker; Rebekah Thatcher; Leah Thomas; Lauren Thompson; Brenda Tipton; Hannah Tipton; Kaitlin Tittle; Caleb Trent; Daniel Trinkle; Leslie Trippel; Alayna Trivett; Amanda Trivett; Monica Tucker; Reagan Tuttle; Alexander Valdez; Nicholas Vaughn; Alyson Volkman; Audrey Walker; Brandon Walker; Alexis Wallen; Gregory Wash; Allison Weber; Brad Whitaker; Haley White; Sydni White; Bethany Whittemore; Kayla Williams; Samuel Williams; Nathan Wise; Katlynn Witt; Cassidy Wood; Kristin Woodby; Amber Wyatt; Isaac Wyco; Megan Wyrick; Abdelhadi Zaoui; and Runzhou Zhu.

Students named to the Vice President’s list completed the spring semester with a minimum of 12 hours of college-level and credit and a grade point average of 3.5-3.99. Students making the Vice President’s List are:

Christine Adkins; Conner Ailstock; April Allen; Jared Allen; Samantha Allen; Evan Alvarado; Macey Anderson; Seth Anderson; Robert Arnold; Kaylee Autry; Leland Bacon; Michael Baggett; Makayla Baines; William Baker; Charli Bare; Cynthia Barnes; Nicholas Barnett; Stephanie Barrett; Ashley Basinger; Dyamond Bass; Jarod Beach; Jennifer Bear; Alexis Beltran-Meza; Matthew Beverly; Zachary Bible; Harley Bickham; Stephen Bishop; Taylor Blakley; Marc Blankenship; Olivia Bloomer; Taylor Bolton; Nicholas Bombailey; Christopher Booher; Justin Booher; Lauren Booher; Seth Booher; Amy Boone; Molly Boone; Caleb Bowers; Seth Bowman; Cerridwen Bradley; James Bradley; Shenoah Bradley; Jessica Bridgman; Audrey Brownlee; Tanner Bruner; Austin Buchanan; Beverly Byers; Madison Byrd; Justin Caldwell; Mandy Caldwell; Hope Calhoun; Trevor Calton; Erin Camper; Dlanie Cannon; Bryceton Cantu; Charles Carden; Jennifer Carmack; Brandon Carpenter; McKenzie Carpenter; Jackson Carr; Madeline Carroll; Andrea Carter; Bailie Carter; Michael Carter; Destiny Carty; Grayson Castle; Kristie Castle; Daniel Cavin; Justin Chandley; Trevor Chase; Rosey Chervanik; Braeden Christian; Chase Church; Abigail Clark; Hailee Clark; Amanda Clevenger; Dylan Cloyd; Ceara Cogan; Jayme Cole; Julianna Cole; Tyler Cole; Christopher Collins; Macy Collins; Christina Compton; Matthew Conway; Alexa Cooper; Samuel Cooper; Lauren Copas; Alexander Couch; Johnathon Cox; Michael Cox; Hannah Crawford; Joe Crawford Jr.; Jessica Crocker; Hannah Cutshall; Taylor Davidson; Travis Davidson; Brandi Davis; Cole Dawson; Adriano De La Cruz; Brandon De La Vega; Bethany Deel; Joseph Deel; Derek Dickinson; Rebecca Dishner; Nha Doan; Morris Dorley; Jr.; Luke Dorton; Rebekah Dougherty; Shaylie Douglas; Gracee Dove; Kristy Draper; Kimberly Dulaney; Ayla Dunn; Ashlyn Dupree; Adam Earnest; Matthew Eaton; Michael Edwards; Marly Eggers; Nicholas Elliott; Andrew Ervin; Logan Evans; Hamilton Falin; Ayden Farmer; Megan Faust; Anthony Feathers; Destinee Feathers; Christian Ferguson; Abigail Fields; Asia Fields; Hannah Fields; Kendra Fields; Kinley Finke; Logan Fisher; Alex Fletcher; Nicholas Florio; Hanna Foster; Faith Fullen; Alannah Galloway; Noah Garland; Dillon Garrett; Alexander Geisman; Landon Gentry; Lillian Gibbons; Heather Gill; Emily Gilliam; Alexis Glover; Chyanne Gobble; Kaleia Godsey; Cody Godwin; Jacob Gourley; Megan Greene; Nicole Greene; Olivia Greene; Stephen Greenwell; Avery Greer; Danielle Greer; Eric Griffin; Gavin Grigsby; Jordan Grindstaff; Mellaine Haaf; Danny Hall; John Hamby; Jonathan Hamilton; Brayden Hammonds; Zachary Hamrick; Jennifer Hardin; Alyssa Hare; Jacob Harmon; Jordan Harmon; Zachary Harp; Andrew Harris; Eric Harvey; Anna Harwell; Aaron Hayes; Heather Hayes; David Hayward; Sydney Heaton; Whitney Helmick; Kacey Henley; Abigail Hensley; Aubree Hensley; Lakota Hensley; Brandon Hernandez; Dovie Herrera; Collin Hickman; Lauren Hicks; Drew Hill; Katie Hilton; Jacob Hoard; Duncan Hodge; Nicholas Holder; Savannah Honaker; Jesse Honeycutt; Aaron Hooper; Rebecca Hopson; Lucas Horne; Landon Horton; Michael Howell; Walker Hudlow; Joni Hughes; Jubal Hutson; Lindsay Hyder; Lilly Ide; Holden Isley; Benjamin Jackson; Sarah Jarrett; Melissa Jenkins; Cody Jessee; Erika Job; Benjamin Johnson; Dakota Johnson; Jonathan Johnson; Laura Johnson; Linsey Johnson; Madison Johns; Ashley Johnston; Breanna Jones; Hunter Jones; Jacob Jones; Sarah Jones; Callee Justice; Travis Justice; Tori Kean; Victoria Keith; Ashlynn Kelly; Andrew Kennedy; Adam Kenner; Thomas Keplinger; Wesley Keplinger; Whitney Keplinger; Grady Kiernan; Stephanie Kilgore; Lacey Kincer; Kelley Kindle; Haley King; Lauren Kinkead; Andrew Klumpenhower; Chloe LaPointe; Colin Lawrence; Jordyn Leach; Joseph Lemmon; Robert Lewis; Michael Lilly; Keith Lockhart; Taylor Long; Andrew Lowe; Jacqueline Loyd; Joseph Lubecke; Randall Lupi; Gabriel Luttrell; Sierra Maines; Clayton Malcolm; Kimberly Malony; Caraline Manis; Taylor Mann; Daniel Manning; Carole Marchant; Tessa-Rae Marsingill; Evan Martin; Hannah Martin; Jarrod Martin; Rebecca Martin; Carrie Matherly; Chase Matherly; Brennan McCain; Samantha McCall; James McCloud; Chandler McCrary; Mason McGrew; Joe McGuire; Cassandra McKinney; Carrington McLaughlin; Chase McNabb; Benjamin McNiel; Jared McNulty; Brandon McCoy; Tyler Mccready; Courtney Mcguire; Kelsey Mcnutt; Jacob Mcpherson; Chloe Meade; Amelia Meredith; Emilee Merritt; Chase Metcalf; Timothy Middendorf; Neely Millard; Matthew Miller; Wesley Millhorn; Kylee Milliken; Jonathan Mills; Jessie Mitchell; Logan Mitchell; Taylor Mitchell; Kelly Modzelewski; Cody Moles; Nicholas Molnar; Mary Moody; Alysia Moore; Destiny Morales; William Morton; Joseph Moyers; Melody Msusa; Alyssa Mullins; David Nelson; Jeanette Nieto; Brittany Norris; Michael Norton; Gavin Norwood; Paula Odom; Martins Okolongwu; Amanda Oler; Marisa Oliver; Steven Osborne; Basma Osman; Hunter Page; Jada Page; Tyler Page; Rhiannon Palmer; Dalton Parks; Samantha Parrish; Ashley Pendleton; Chelsea Perry; Mitchell Peters; Jared Phillips; Justin Pickel; Shawna Pierce; Lyndsey Pilkenton; Shiarre Porter; Calvin Price; Joshua Price; Leslie Price; Ashley Pulver; Chayla Quillin; Dalton Ramsey; Linda Randolph; Skyler Randolph; Leah Ransom; Blake Ratner; Alexcia Ray; Caitlyn Reece; Brandon Reeves; Sean Reilly; Sarah Rhoton; Haven Richardson; Suzanne Riddle; Janice Ringwald; Iesha Rodriguez; Fatima Rodriguez-Rosales; Stephanie Roller; David Roy; Damon Rupe; Caitlyn Russell; Nathaniel Salyer; Katelyn Sanders; Mark Sanders; Jessee Sandoe; Olivia Sapp; Emma Sarrell; Aaron Scalf; Savannah Schmoldt; Julien Schultz; Lauren Schutter; Ethan Scism; Carlee Shepherd; Delaram Shirani Hajiabadi; Brittany Siegal; Andreza Silva; Matthew Silvers; Matthew Simerly; Morgan Simerly; Olivia Skeens; Ethan Smith; Jacob Smith; Levi Smith; Logan-Michael Smith; Morgan Smith; Noah Smith; Sophia Smith; Todd Smith; Tyler Smith; Josiah Smythe; Lydia Snyder; David Spears; Chase Spivey; Aubrey Stanley; Clayton Stanley; Ally Stidham; Zachary Stidham; Brittany Stines; Raegan  Stone; Kaitlyn Stoner; Sophie Strawn; Megan Street; Tristan Stresemann; Don Strickland; Destiny Stump; James Taylor; Jeri Taylor; Miara Taylor; Sierra Taylor; Sean Tennant; Marissa Tester; Theodore Testerman; Ciara Thacker; Carrie Thompson; Randall Timbs; Brandon Tincher; Joseph Trivette; Logan Turbyfill; Darrell Turner; Kayleigh Turner Laquan Turner; Robert Turner; Peyton Urich; Taylor Vandergriff; Elizabeth Vanhoy; Eric Vaughn; Bailey Vicars; Drew Vines; Joshua Wade; Hannah Wagers; Adam Walden; Autumn Walker; Taylor Wallace; Kimberly Walling; Clay Walters; Aaron Walton; Grant Ward;  Makayla Ward; Madison Warden; Taylor Waye; Russell Weatherford; Aaron Webb; Natalie Whaley; Victoria Wheeler; Cheyanne Wheelock; Austin Whitaker; Alexandra White; Brianna White; Matthew Whitehead; Kara Willard; Michala Willard; Jonathan Williams; Kaitlyn Williams; Keara Williams; Andrew Willis; Renee Winningham; Dustin Winters; Mark Winters; Alexander Wittman; Ashley Wood; Madelynn Wooden; Delaney Workman; Autumn Worley; Harley Worley; Jacob Worley; and Luke Young.

Northeast State offers classes at campuses in Blountville, Kingsport, Elizabethton, Gray, Johnson City, and Unicoi County. Fall classes begin Aug. 27.