Evening and Distance Education transitioning to Multi-Campus Programs

The Northeast State Division of Evening and Distance Education has been approved to change its name. Effective July 1, Evening and Distance Education becomes the Division of Multi-Campus Programs.

“The name change better encompasses the role the division has across the College’s six campuses and sixteen high school instructional teaching sites,” said Dr. Pashia Hogan, assistant vice president of the division.

The functions of Multi-Campus Programs have changed considerably as Northeast State has worked to expand access to classes and degree opportunities for potential students throughout the region.

Multi-Campus Programs deliver courses and student services to Northeast State campus sites.

The division provides classes on all campuses through traditional and alternative delivery methods, both day and evening, including Weekend College, to meet students’ diverse scheduling needs. The division’s Distance Education unit offers Interactive Television (ITV), Internet and Hybrid classes, and fully online classes. The division also directs the University Parallel Dual Enrollment and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs to provide early postsecondary opportunities for area high school students.

Northeast State operates a campus site in all five counties of the College’s service area and offers dual enrollment and Career Academy options in 16 area high schools. Dual enrollment represents a growing interest from high school students eager to earn college credits.

This dual enrollment class on robotics is one of many course offerings available to high school students.

Hogan said division staff had discussed renaming options over the last several months prior to deciding on Multi-Campus Programs. She said the name appropriately reflected the division’s expanding role in delivering education through the College’s service area. A new logo representing the division will be unveiled next month.

Students completing evening and distance education courses meet the same requirements as those in traditional daytime classes. Students enrolled in the evening, distance education, and non-traditional programs coordinated by the division of Multi-Campus Programs also have all the same educational and support services available to them as students enrolled in traditional programs.

“Because the division encompasses much more than “evening” and “distance” programs, we determined it was time for a change,” said Hogan. “We needed something to better represent what we do across the College’s multiple campuses.”

One thought on “Evening and Distance Education transitioning to Multi-Campus Programs

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