Changes coming to eTextbook “Opt In” process for Fall semester

Attention Northeast State students! The process you use to “Opt In” to your eTextbook(s) is changing for the Fall 2017 semester.

Beginning with the fall semester, you will have five (5) days of free access to your Vital Source eTextbook(s). During that time period, you will need to Opt In so that your eTextbook charges can be applied to your financial aid. (NOTE: All Summer 2017 semester procedures will be identical to Spring 2017 procedures.)

To view information about your eTextbook(s), log into your My.Northeast account and click on the View eTextbook Information link. The screen will display information about classes, along with the titles and costs of associated eTextbooks. You can also see on the screen whether you have “Opted In” to any eTextbooks.

The Opt In to eTextbooks link will take you to a screen where you will be able to Opt In to the eTextbook(s) for your classes. The screen includes a button to Opt In to the eTextbook(s). When you click the Opt In button, the system will check to determine whether you have a sufficient fund balance in financial aid to cover the cost of the eTextbook(s).

If you have enough financial aid funds to cover the eTextbook(s) cost, a screen will appear asking whether you agree to have the eTextbook cost deducted from your financial aid balance. If you click AGREE, your financial aid will be charged for the cost of the eTextbook(s), and your financial aid refund will be reduced by that amount.

If you do not have sufficient financial aid funds, a message indicating funds are not available to cover the eTextbook cost will be displayed. The message will provide a direct link to the Follett Bookstore where you can purchase eTextbook(s) with a credit card.

For additional information on eTextbook(s), email

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