TRiO honors new scholars, upcoming spring graduates

Northeast State’s TRiO Student Support Services recognized the program’s scholars and upcoming spring graduates at its 8th annual Breakfast with the President award ceremony on Friday morning.

TRiO Director Virginia Reed and Donna Addington presented scholar certificates and awards of honors to the program’s students. More than 40 TRiO students will be graduating from Northeast State this spring.

“These are students who have set a goal, achieved a goal, and done so through hard work,” said Reed.

TRiO also presented awards to students, tutors, and mentors working in the program. Konah Buckman won the Outstanding Student Participant of the Year award for the Blountville campus. Amanda Epley received the Outstanding Student Participant of the Year for the Northeast State at Kingsport campus.

Dan Hamilton earned the Mentor of the Year award. Matthew Boyd won the Outstanding Advanced Tutor of the Year. Robert Dylan Foster earned two awards winning Outstanding Peer Tutor of the Year and Outstanding Student Participant of the Year for the Northeast State at Elizabethton campus.

SSS Scholars and Graduates attending Friday’s TRiO Award ceremony.

TRiO SSS scholars recognized were: Samantha Adkins; Travis Akers; Jessica Coffman; Tyler Cole; Patterson Cox; Jessica Crocker; Taylor Dilks; Daouda Diomande; Crystal Dockery; Robert Foster; Heather Gill; Dakoda Goodwin; Haley Griffith; Derrick Jones; Jenetta Lunceford; Cory Lyons; Megan Meade; Elizabeth Miller; Riley Mosier; Brianna Rush; Amber Sams; Kaitlyn Simmons; Gregory Wash; and Scott Willis.

TRiO SSS scholars preparing to graduate this spring are: Traci Ayers; Alexander Beverly; Katherine Blair; Stephanie Brooks; Konah Buckman; Cody Carden; Jessica Castle; Robin Chambers; Essie Christianson; Hannah Dillard; Amanda Epley; Grecia Farret; Brenton Fields; Faith French; Megan Frye; Kenny Gilreath; Daniel Hamilton; Maggie Hensley; Carol Hill; Patricia Hilmer; Garland Hughes; Hannah Irick; Kaitlin Irick; Amanda Jarrett; Vicki Jennings; Alex Joyner; Jennifer Laws; Dalton Maines; Jason Marcum; Malen Marcum; Sean Minton; Amber Mumpower; Lindsey Osborne; Mary Peek; Isiah Porter; Kalista Rutledge; Shannon Scott; Savannah Steffey; Sarah Stewart; Beverly Stipes; Jessica Teboe; Jose Torres-Cibrian; Megan Ward; and John Worley.

TRiO Student Support Services at Northeast State serves more than 180 students and has been in existence nearly 30 years. The TRiO SSS staff of Reed, Addington, Raylene Steward, Tonya Cassell, Wendy Taylor, and Rita Lay coordinate a variety of support services for students including assistance in transfer advising to a four-year college, tutoring, personal and financial counseling, career counseling; assistance in applying to four-year colleges and universities, workplace and college visits, teaching study and time management skills, and assistance in applying for financial aid.

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