Emerging Technologies Complex project moves forward April 3

The Emerging Technologies Complex project at the Blountville campus moves forward with construction site preparation beginning April 3.

Construction crews will begin placing a barrier fence around the construction site on that date to establish a safety perimeter around the build area. The 18-month project will claim one faculty and two student parking lots for construction vehicles and staging. The parking lots affected are:

  • Faculty/Staff parking lot adjacent to the Automotive/Welding building
  • Student parking lot to the southwest of the basketball/tennis courts
  • Student parking lot southeast of the basketball/tennis courts.

The yellow outline on the map below projects the size of the new technology complex. The dashed red line on the map displays where the barrier fence will be placed and which parking areas will be affected.

Overflow parking lots are available at the northeast area of campus. As parking areas are going to be condensed, students and staff will be required to walk around the fenced construction area. Students and staff should prepare for significantly increased pedestrian traffic in parking lots and around buildings.

Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to drive with caution while the construction project is underway. For more information, contact the Northeast State Police Department at 423.323.0255 or visit http://www.northeaststate.edu/Campus-Resources/Campus-Police/.

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