Employee Appreciation Day

Northeast State held its employee appreciation day ceremony on Dec. 2 recognizing dozens of employees for their years of service to the College. Employees recognized and their years of services are:

30 years

Dr. Steve Campbell, Raylene Steward, Dianne Grant, and James Hodges


25 years

Dawn Dabney, John Grubb, Rita Lay, Lisa Rowland, and Michelle Wyatt.

15235479_10157761227690368_2480613505474411779_o20 years

Robin Byrne, Misty Carriger, Robert Loveday, Kathy Minga, Teressa Nidifefer, Dan Perry, Sharon Riddle, Sam Rowell, Rose Spangler, and Malissa Trent.


15 years

Allan Anderson, Daryl Bacon, Tonya Cassell, Christopher Demas, Eric Fish, James Henson, Brian Johnson, Randal Jones, Betty Mask, Shirley Morefield, Eric Morritt, and Joan Willis.


10 years

Railene Anderson, Deloros Campbell, Jeff Coalson, David Cook, Louise Dickson, Julie Dykes, Tom Huskisson, Jill Montgomery, Nona Shepherd, Derrick Thacker, Catherine Strain, and Megan Jones.


5 years

Amanda Adams, Sheila Bray, Kathy Cox, Kathy Albright, Mitzi Daniel, Kelly Barton, Ruth Davis, Rebecca Bennett, Kerry Dykes, Brandon Burleson, Nathan Ford, Tabetha Garman, Paula Johnson, Heidi Lyon, Dale Ledford, Deborah Marsh, Jeremy Maskew, Logan Mason, Robin Matthews, Shelby McKenzie, Jonathan Moore, Greg Osborne, Mike Pagel, Jason Penwell, Audrey Peters, Dianna Presley, Melissa Ramsey, Samantha Rowlett, Jessica Ward, Carol Weems, and Robert Wilson.


The College also paid tribute to Patty Haynes and Jeff Odom both of whom passed away within the past year. Both Patty and Jeff were beloved and well-known members of the Maintenance Department.

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