Northeast State at Johnson City science labs now in place

Northeast State at Johnson City’s science labs are now in place, allowing the College to offer block schedules for Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and General Chemistry.

The labs are the final piece of the Johnson City campus project, which has more than 39,000 square feet of instructional and administrative space to support the more than 300 students expected for fall 2016.

The innovative block schedule format will allow students to get either sequences of General Biology I and II, or Anatomy and Physiology I and II completed during the same term. The campus is also offering sections of General Chemistry I and II.

In addition to the science courses, the campus offers a five-semester pathway via the block format for Administrative Professional Technology, Computer and Information Science, and University Parallel transfer courses.

The campus offers day and evening block schedules designed for the convenience of students. Block schedule students typically enroll for two classes in the first half, and two or more in the second half, which translates into 12 or more credit hours per semester.

JC science lab
Newly finished science labs of Northeast State at Johnson City.

Instead of having to juggle four courses, four sets of books, and four course calendars for 15 weeks, students will only need to attend to one, two, or at most three courses in seven-week sessions thus simplifying their workloads.

Similarly, the full-time evening block offers one course a month, one night a week, which also works out to 12 credit hours. This semester the campus is adding Thursdays to its evening schedule.

“In most courses our students are finding the one course at a time approach is working very well,” said Dr. Keith Young, dean of Off Campus Programs and Services. “Having to go to only one class per evening per week allows them to take care of the rest of their lives as well.”

As always, part-time schedules may be created for those students who need to pay out-of-pocket or only need one or two courses to complete a program.

Young said students wishing to take courses starting Aug. 22 must have their admissions requirements completed and fees paid no later than Aug. 19.

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