iNortheast initiative shows success in pilot year

Northeast State’s iNortheast Mobile Technology Initiative has shown success in its pilot year, according to an assessment report prepared by the Office of Research, Analytics, and Planning.

Northeast State distributed iPad mini 2 devices to Tennessee Promise students and eligible full-time students during the 2015–16 academic year. Funded by the Northeast State Foundation and an Appalachian Regional Commission grant, the program provided 1,800 devices.

IPadInitiativeLogo_RevisedReport comparisons were made in two population classifications, (1) fall 2014 students and (2) fall 2015 students; and also, between the populations who, during the 2015 fall term, chose to participate in the initiative versus those who opted not to participate in the initiative.

The assessment looked closely at four categories of students: first-time, full-time freshmen; students enrolled EDUC 1030 (College and Lifelong Learning); student enrolled in HRPR 1000 (Introduction to Health-Related Professions); and iPad required courses. End-of-term areas examined included categories such as GPA, pass rate, and retention.

Among the findings:

Participating first-time, full-time freshmen GPAs increased

Participating first-time, full-time freshmen pass rates increased

Participating first-time, full-time freshmen had a higher percentage of earned to attempted hours

Participating iNortheast students had higher pass rates of almost 12 percent

Participating first-time, full-time freshman fall to spring retention increased 1.8 percent from 2014

Participating iNortheast EDUC 1030 student GPAs and pass rates increased

iNortheast students were retained at a rate 6 percent higher than the College overall

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