Northeast State pins 2016 class of Nursing graduates

Northeast State recognized the 2016 class of Nursing program graduates at the nurse pinning ceremony held Thursday night at the Wellmont Regional Center for the Performing Arts on the Blountville campus.

Northeast State Nursing students take the nurse’s pledge after receiving their pins.

The College’s Dean of Nursing, Dr. Melessia Webb, welcomed the graduating class of more than 70 students who received their pins from the faculty member of their choosing. Charity Conkin and Heather White shared the program’s Outstanding Student Award. The Adult Learner of the Year Award was presented to Dawn Eubanks.

Northeast Nursing graduates of 2015-16 are:  Haley N. Adkins; Stephanie Bauer; Shelbi L. Bishop; Candace P. Blangin; Amanda K. Bradley; Stephanie A. Brickey; Kesha B. Brown; Megan L. Carr; Charity M. Conkin; Sarah A. Cooper; Patrina N. Cradic; Tequila D. Davidson; Clinton S. Davis; Carrie B. Deskins; Meagan M. Dial; Jacob M. Elkins; Kelli R. Elliott; Dawn M. Eubanks; Nicole C. Ferrell; Michele J. Frasier; Sabrina Light; Melinda G. Gillenwater; Ashley N. Goings; Violet R. Grizzle;  Amber D. Harris; Devinn C. Harris; Mary M. Hartzell; Sina L. Hassler; Kayla M. Hawkins; Brianna L. Horton; Talli A. Hunigan; Carla J. Keys; Debbie Lawson; Preslee D. Lawson; Michelle M. Leatherwood; Bethany N. Lewis-Henegar; Brittany L. Littleton; Kayla M. Lowe; Keri L. Melson; Vivian L. Mitchell; Gordon W. Mobley; Lisa J. Mobley; Sherry M. Montgomery; Ashliann K. Norton; Elsie M. Nyeplu; Kaitlin M. Oakes; Bradley C. Overbey; Katyann N. Owens; Julie-Anna L. Perkins; Anya N. Price; Harlie D. Priester; Jacquelyn A. Reese; Stacy L. Rutherford; Amber L. Salley; Taylor P. Shelton; Crystal S. Simpson; Tiffany D. Sluss; Michael B. Smith; Jessica R. Summie; Stephanie J. Taylor; Bailey L. Tullis; Cody D. Tupper; Briana D. Way; Tiffany N. Webb; Heather M. Weeks; Heather D. White; Savanna M. Whitehead; Laurie M. Whitmore; Kayla B. Winters; Jessica L. Worley; and Timothy W. Worley.

The pinning ceremony provides a symbolic welcoming of new nurses into the profession. Each graduating student received the Northeast Nursing pin on his or her white lab coat signifying completion of the associate of applied science degree.

The nursing students graduating this spring will receive their diplomas on May 10 at the College’s spring commencement ceremony scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at East Tennessee State University/Mountains State Health Alliance Athletic Center on the campus of ETSU in Johnson City.

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  1. Jo and Nancy

    Congratulations Gordon, so proud of you… Now go show the world how good you are. Love you, Jo and Nancy

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