Northeast State Debate Team closes out impressive year

The Northeast State Debate Team ended the season on a high note by winning the East  Tennessee State University ParliPlunder Debate Tournament on April 9.

Debaters Joseph Hicks and Seth Manning defeated a Walters State Community College team in the finals to win the tournament. To get there the duo defeated teams from Walters State and ETSU in three preliminary rounds. They also defeated and ETSU Team in the semi-finals to reach the final round.

In the semi-final and final rounds, the pair won by unanimous decisions. Both Hicks and Manning earned speaker awards. Hicks was the third best speaker of the tournament and Manning was the eighth best speaker.

ETSU debate photo - Seth Manning (left) and Joseph Hicks
Northeast State Debate Team members Seth Manning (left) and Joseph Hicks.

The win caps a successful year for the NeSCC debaters. In the fall, Hicks teamed with Jess Webb to earn a second place finish at the Smoky Mountain Tournament.  Paul Taylor and Victoria Hewlett won third place in that tournament and all speakers took home individual speaker awards.

At the Northeast State Spring Fling in March, Seth Manning teamed with Stephen Shepherd to win second place. Joseph Hicks teamed with former Northeast State debater Hannah Davis, now at ETSU ,to form a hybrid team that placed fourth in the competition. Victoria Hewlett debated as a single person team in the tournament. All four Northeast State debaters earned speaker awards.

This year marks the first time that teams have earned awards at all of the competitions. It is also the first time that all debaters won speaker awards at every tournament.

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