Echoes and Images winners announced

It was a very difficult decision, since there were so many wonderful pieces of art, photography, and writing, but the judges have made their final selections for the 2015-2016 Echoes & Images Literary and Visual Art Contest.

The winners are listed below. First, second, and third place in all categories will be published in the magazine. If space permits, honorable mention winning entries will also be published. Visual art winners may pick up their entries at the end of the spring semester. Other artwork can be picked up this week in Dr. Christal Hensley’s office, H120.

First Place: Cheston Axton, “Bugaboo”
Second Place: Killian Thomas, “On the Raft”
Third Place: Jozie Rutledge, “Take Flight”
Honorable Mentions: Will West, “Out of the Darkness” and Emily Joyner, “The Lemonade Stand”

First place: Ashley Hefflin, “A World Unrecognizable”
Second place: Victoria Hewlett, “The Solution to the Problem of Death”
Third place: Bridgette Hensley, “The Brink of Nothing”
Honorable Mentions: Joy Harrison, “Good Enough” and Zachary Ledlow, “Memoir on Seattle”

First Place: Nikki Futch, “Grand Adventure”
Second Place: Teresa Cornett, “The Mantis”
Third Place: Emily Joyner, “An Ambitious Afternoon”
Honorable Mentions:
Nikki Futch, “Cleaning My Car Out For the First Time in Too Long”
Teresa Cornett, “Recess Freedom”
Cassie Massengill, “Dad”
Tayla Sluss, “Killer Lovers”
Daniel Ellis, “Celestial Passion”
Joy Harrison, “Persephone”
Zackery Sturgill, “The Serpent’s Dream”

Visual Art
First Place: Kelly Tolley, “Force Majeure”, Medium: acrylic on two canvases
Second Place: Kelly Tolley, “Midnight Flight”, Medium: collage
Third Place: Sarah Harkleroad, “Broken Memories”, Medium: graphite & charcoal on paper

Honorable Mention: Sydney Carter, “Untitled III”, medium: charcoal on paper, and Cody Buczkowske, “City at Dusk”, medium: unedited digital photography

Other Art Noted for Distinction by the Judges:
Allison Smith, “Untitled”, Medium: acrylic on canvas
Zackery Sturgill, “Starburst”, Medium: digital art
Christina Lane, “Nightmare Suit”, Medium: charcoal on paper
Breana Wallen, “Self-Portrait”, Medium: graphite & charcoal on paper
Katie Moody, “Sorrows of Tomorrow”, Medium: unedited digital photography
Breana Wallen, “Untitled”, Medium: mixed media, pages from altered book
Tiffany Washburn, “Cat”, Medium: pen & ink on paper

Northeast State faculty and judges wish to thank all the contributors to this year’s contest for their works.

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