Campus Activities dedicated to providing fun student experiences

Northeast State’s Office of Campus Activities has created some fun and engaging intramural programming in recent years that continues to grow in popularity.

“We are excited about what is going on,” said Mark Beaty, director of Campus Activities. “Yet at the same time we are eager to see quality growth for the benefit and enhancement of our students’ collegiate experience while at Northeast State.”

Beaty and Campus Activities Specialist Tony Kay have created these intramural programs to engage and enrich Northeast State students who enjoy athletics and the fun of healthy competition.

The 7-on-7 Flag Football tournament drew eight teams of more than 60 students.
The 7-on-7 Flag Football tournament drew eight teams of more than 60 students.

This year’s 7-on-7 Flag Football Tournament was the largest, most participated in intramural event to date. Approximately 65 students participated in the tournament. Given the growth of the tournament the department outlook/expectation for this event moving forward is that it will warrant multiple days to better insure a quality event.

One week after the 7-on-7 football tournament Campus Activities hosted its first Kickball Tournament. The participating students came out with great attitudes and good sportsmanship. Beaty said he expects the event will continue to grow. He also extended Northeast State’s deepest thanks and appreciation to Tri-Cities Christian School for graciously allowing the College to hold these events on their fields.

Kickball tourney teams.
Kickball tourney teams.

“On behalf of our entire department, we are grateful to our students for their participation and our staff for their support in allowing Campus Activities to ‘take root’ at Northeast State,” said Beaty.

Next on the intramural calendar for 2015-16 are basketball and volleyball. The basketball tournament has become an annual intramural activity; while intramural volleyball will be a first at Northeast State. Stay tuned for future events Campus Activities will present in the coming year!

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