BOYC wraps up successful 2015 campaign

The Because of You Campaign enjoyed another successful campaign to raise scholarship money for students during the annual fundraising event held at Northeast State during the week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 3.

Northeast State President Dr. Janice Gilliam recognized top fund-raising department winners in the campaign this afternoon during a celebration event in the Auditorium. All proceeds raised fund scholarships for students through the Northeast State Foundation.

The Student Needs Project ranked #1 among individual departments collecting $10,215 during the week. The TRiO Club finished in second place with $4,959 raised and the Honors Program took third place with $4,494 collected.  The Foundation contributed a percentage of the funds raised to each participating department. Prof. David Haga was also honored for his longtime work with the Student Needs Project.

For Best Door Decor, instructor Kelly Hatch won Most Creative Award door award for her 3-D JP Bear work. The Best Message Award went to the Center for Students with Disabilities for their leaf tree and scarecrow. The Best School Spirit Award was given to Career Services for their fall with Minions door.

The 3-D JP Bear Door.
The 3-D JP Bear Door.
The CSD door.


The Career Services Minion door.
The Career Services Minion door.



The Transfer Office.
The Transfer Office.

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