Check Your Male! Creating a culture of consent

Noted lecturer Graham Hackett wants to upgrade the conversation about sex and consent.

He’ll bring his “Check Your Male!” presentation to Northeast State Sept. 17 when he talks about sexual assault awareness, violence prevention, healthy relationships, and loving kindness.

According to Hackett, the presentation is a detailed invitation for men to recognize their power and privilege as resources for helping build a healthier sexual environment.

Graham Hackett Sept. 16 at Northeast State.
Graham Hackett Sept. 16 at Northeast State.

Hackett will lecture at the Blountville campus auditorium at 10 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 7 p.m. His talks are part of the College’s Campus Safety week, which runs Sept. 14-18. The campus is located at 2425 Highway 75.

Hackett will explore the impact of societal expectations, inadequate education, and mass media on how society perceives sexual relationships. He will emphasize how men can become advocates for ending sexual assault in their communities.

Hackett draws from a deep personal history of supporting women in his family and community who have experienced abuse. As an educator, he also spent years working with youth and youth service organizations like Outward Bound and the YMCA, as well as detention facilities.

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