Pete Blank talks Employee Engagement Aug. 14 at Northeast State

As a management professional at Disney, Pete Blank saw firsthand how employee engagement affected workers’ feelings of worth and their worthwhile attitudes. The Mouse House must be doing many things right.

You are cordially invited to Blank’s FREE workshop “Employee Engagement: Lessons from the Mouse House!” at the Northeast State Blountville campus on Friday, Aug. 14, from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. in the Auditorium (A202) of the Student Services Building. Don’t miss this chance to hear Blank ( break down successful engagement at all business levels. Seating is limited so register for this event now at:

Pete Blank breaking down progress with people.
Pete Blank breaking down progress with people.

One of the most recognized buzz phrases in human resources and performance management is employee engagement. Highly engaged employees can move an organization from good to great. Conversely, lowered engagement can reduce productivity and hinder an organization’s ability to reach its goals.

Blank breaks down why making employee engagement a part of an organization’s overall strategy is as critical as the emphasis placed on growth and profit. This workshop will help organizational leaders understand and ensure that  employees are engaged in their work. The workshop delves into:

  • JOBS model of employee engagement
  • Discovering six primary ways that Disney focuses on engagement
  • Reflecting on the ways “Disney does it” and creating an action plan to engage employees

According to Gallup, Inc.’s State of the American Workplace 2010-2012 report, 70 percent of America’s workforce is either not engaged (52 percent) or actively disengaged (18 percent) from their jobs. Those numbers suggest the bulk of productivity necessary for corporate growth must be done by 30 percent of the workforce.

The workshop offers excellent real-world benefits to teams leaders, human resource professionals, managers, supervisors, and performance coaches. The workshop would also be ideal for high school and college students pursuing business or management-related fields. Register today and get a valuable professional experience to invest back into your business or organization!

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