iNortheast initiative will issue iPads to qualified freshmen for fall 2015

For the fall semester 2015, Northeast State Community College will issue Tennessee Promise and other new full-time, degree-seeking freshmen who meet established criteria iPad mini 2 devices.

As envisioned, the iNortheast initiative will enhance the Northeast State educational experience, which includes transforming the learning, technological, and social environment.

Integration of pilot iPad initiatives at Northeast State in various disciplines as well as other school, colleges, and universities across the nation has shown a variety of positive educational impacts including improvements in academic performance, increases in engagement and motivation, added instructional flexibility, and integrated focus on content quality and design.

In addition to similar gains in student performance and retention, the iNortheast initiative seeks an overall reduction of textbook costs, enhanced technology skills needed for the job market, and increased access to student support services.

In addition, the iPads will positively enhance teaching and delivery methods by engaging mobile device technology. In a recent survey, 86 percent of the Northeast State faculty expressed interest in integrating iPads into classroom instruction if devices were provided and training is implemented.

Scholarships Coordinator Josh Johnson (far left) & Dr. Janice Gilliam with three TN Promise students set to attend Northeast State this fall.
Scholarships Coordinator Josh Johnson (far left) & Dr. Janice Gilliam with three TN Promise students set to attend Northeast State this fall.

The Northeast State Foundation approved a one-time investment of about $340,000 from federal Title III funds to underwrite the project for 2015-16. Expansion of the iPad initiative will continue over the next two to three years until fully integrated.

The College will engage a national study to collect data on student performance, retention, enhanced technology skills, cost savings utilizing online book and resources, and paper usage reduction. Northeast State will also study the impact of iPads on student services and the challenges mobile devices present for a connected campus and the science of teaching.

College faculty teaching freshmen classes in 2015-16 will receive iPads and training beginning in July. Students, upon meeting financial aid and other requirements, will receive their iPads in August prior to the start of classes on Aug. 24. In addition, Northeast State is in the process of expanding Wi-Fi capabilities at its campuses to handle increased traffic.

iPads will be available for lease for students who do not qualify for the one-time, one-year grant/pilot this year. They may pay $100 for the lease of the device and the required protective cover each semester. Students enrolling at Northeast State in fall 2015, who are not part of the pilot/grant program and are interested in paying for a lease of an iPad, should e-mail by Aug. 1.

2 thoughts on “iNortheast initiative will issue iPads to qualified freshmen for fall 2015

  1. Jason Campbell

    do you have to be a part of the promise group to receive the ipads as a student? im a entering freshman into northeast state for fall semester .. what are they requirements .. i havent found them anywhere

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