TRiO SSS recognize scholars, graduates

Northeast State’s TRiO Student Support Services recognized the program’s scholars and graduates at its 6th annual Breakfast with the President awards ceremony on Thursday.

TRiO Director Virginia Reed presented scholar certificates and awards of honors to the program’s students. Mike Sanders won Outstanding Participant of the Year award and the Outstanding Peer Tutor of the Year award for the Blountville campus. Sherri Brooks received the Outstanding TRiO Participant of the Year for the Northeast State at Kingsport service branch. April McKinney received the Outstanding Participant of the Year award for the Elizabethton Teaching site. Stan Derrick won the Outstanding Advanced Tutor of the Year. Derrick works as a tutor with The Learning Center tutoring site at Kingsport.

“We are so proud of our scholars and graduates,” said Reed. “You have truly made incredible strides while facing some very difficult circumstances.”

Dr. Brent Lockhart presents Mike Sanders with the Outstanding Peer Tutor Award.
Dr. Brent Lockhart presents Mike Sanders with the Outstanding Peer Tutor Award.

TRiO SSS scholars recognized were: Charlie Bowman, Glen Burns, Ashleigh Caldwell, Melissa Dimech, Mary Eller, Autumn Fields, David Foudy, Brianna Franklin, Jeff Garrett, Tabitha Gentry, Melinda Gouge, Whitney Guinn, Joseph Hicks, Kaylin Hutson, MelindaLou Johnson, Jennifer Kendrick, Shania Leonard, Tammy Long, Cory Lyons, Dalton Maines, Deshawn Mingo, Matthew Parker, Zoe Sibley, Jenny Tester, Eugene Vanoy, and Devin Wood.

TRiO SSS scholar graduates preparing to graduate this spring are: Saba Albarati, Heather Allen, Tracy Allen, Melissa Bowers, Stephanie Brewer, Sherri Brooks, Jason Bryant, Bonnie Burns, Marcus Carr, Justin Carver, Jodi Chambers, Hailey Clark, Travis Deeth, Caitlin English, Kelli Garretson, Michelle Grubbs, Perri Hammock, Laura-LaRue Jones, Emilee Lawson, McKensie McGee, April McKinney, Timisha Mosely, Steven Parker, Lindsey Reynolds, Madison Rhoten, Eva Rodriguez, James Romero, Mike Sanders, Samantha Shelton, Andrew Snyder, Wata Tambah, Hazel Taylor, Morgan Wallen, Dana Williams, and Kaitlin Winters.

TRiO Scholar Graduates attending Thursday's award ceremony.
TRiO Scholar Graduates attending Thursday’s award ceremony.

Northeast State President Dr. Janice Gilliam spoke to graduates about the contributions they made as tutors and how the college sought to give its best to all their students.

“My father told me the most important thing you can do is raise your children,” said Dr. Gilliam. “When we are here the most important thing we do is help our students, and we strive to give all we can to you.”

TRiO Student Support Services at Northeast State serves more than 180 students and has been in existence nearly 30 years. The TRiO SSS staff of Reed, Raylene Steward, Tonya Cassell, Donna Addington, Wendy Taylor, and Rita Lay coordinate a variety of support services for students including assistance in transfer advising to a four-year college, tutoring, personal and financial counseling, career counseling; assistance in applying to four-year colleges and universities, workplace and college visits, teaching study and time management skills, and assistance in applying for financial aid.

TRiO SSS Scholars attending Thursday's awards ceremony.
TRiO SSS Scholars attending Thursday’s awards ceremony.

Unlike student financial aid programs which help students overcome financial barriers to higher education, the TRIO programs (Talent Search, Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math/Science, Veterans Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Educational Opportunity Centers, and the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program) provide valuable supportive services to students from low-income and working families to help them successfully enter college and graduate.

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