Northeast State at Johnson City updates HVAC system

Northeast State has completed the installation of a new HVAC system at its Johnson City teaching site.

Northeast State at Johnson City
Northeast State at Johnson City

The College contracted the S.B. White Co., Inc. of Johnson City to install two boilers as part of the replacement for the HVAC system to serve classroom and administrative space in the facility. The two units will permit the use of one or both as demand dictates.

The old system had been in the building since the Downtown Centre was built in 1986. In a comparison of the current boiler with the new system, the thermal efficiency is expected to increase to 95 percent, which will reduce energy costs substantially.

The system features a 10:1 turndown, meaning a boiler can “turn down” to 10 percent of capacity without cycling, preventing needless energy losses. The system can also be monitored and controlled by remote access.

The HVAC system was funded in part by a Clean Tennessee Energy Grant. The grant program funded a number of projects designed to reduce air emissions, improve energy efficiency and create cost savings across the state. Eligible recipients included state and local government agencies, utility districts, and private businesses/organizations in Tennessee.

Completion of the HVAC installation allows Northeast State to proceed with Phase 3 of the facility’s renovation, which will include the design and build out of offices, classrooms, and labs. The building is located at 101 E. Market St.

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