Hypnopalooza returns to Northeast State April 15

How does he do it? Only hypnotist and mentalist Rich Aimes knows how!

Aimes returns to Northeast State with his mesmerizing “Hypnopalooza!” show on April 15. Aimes will give a free performance at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium on the College’s main campus, adjacent to Tri-Cities Regional Airport.

Aimes makes audience members the stars of the show by putting them into funny situations as hypnotic subjects. The performance sheds some light on the power of suggestion and influence that can be exerted on the human thought with the right prompting. Aimes’ dramatic flair and uncanny mentalist abilities has won over audiences across the country.

Rich Aimes exerts his power of suggestion.
Rich Aimes exerts his power of suggestion.

Aimes is a board certified hypnotist with the National Board of Hypnotist Education and Certification (NBHEC) and studied psychology and theater as an undergraduate. As a student of hypnosis, he trained in Los Angeles and Florida with some of the top hypnotists in the country. Marielle, his wife and stage partner, is also a board certified hypnotist with NBHEC. The couple has wowed colleges, corporate clients, state fairs, and theme parks with his uncanny mental abilities.

This is the perfect event for relieving end-of-semester strains and stresses, and you are invited to bring your students, family, friends, and colleagues. Students of psychology, performing arts, and speech should especially enjoy this program (as well as anyone who needs a relaxing “escape”).

Aimes’ performances are being sponsored by the Northeast State Cultural Activities Committee. The performance is free and open to the public. For more information, contact 423.279.7669 or e-mail jpkelly@NortheastState.edu.

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