KCHE celebrates opening of new tutor lab

A new tutor lab at the Kingsport Center for Higher Education (KCHE) seeks to assist and engage students enrolled in programs taught at the Northeast State at Kingsport learning site.

KCHE hosted an open house on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of The Learning Center at the KCHE tutoring lab.  This newly established lab in Room 211 provides daily tutoring services in a variety of academic programs.

“Tutoring was a need that we found in our student surveys last year requesting expanded tutoring services,” said Teressa Dobbs, executive director of KCHE. “Engaging students is a major part of success, and the tutor lab provides that engagement. We were really excited to open the lab this spring.”

Tutors help students in a variety of academic programs.
Tutors help students in a variety of academic programs.

Tutors provide help on subjects including Learning Support Math, Composition and writing courses, college-level math classes as well as Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Accounting.  Students can check the lab schedule and drop in for tutorial assistance Monday through Thursday.  Students can also request tutoring sessions on Fridays.

“We are very happy to have a dedicated room with computers and workspace for tutoring,” said Jill Bowers, coordinator of The Learning Center based at the College’s main campus.  “I think it is going to be really popular.”

Tutors are students, faculty members and contracted tutors who have experience in the subject.  Tutors use practice assignments and online resources to help students grasp course fundamentals. The new lab features computers and desktop workspace for tutors to engage students face to face. Student tutors must have taken and earned a “B” grade in their course and hold a minimum overall 3.0 grade point average.

Northeast State at Kingsport boasts an enrollment of nearly 1,700 students. The site’s growing population fueled an expansion of student services including the creation of the tutor lab at KCHE.

The Learning Center at KCHE is already drawing a significant number of students.
The Learning Center at KCHE is already drawing a significant number of students.

“We’ve begun to start filling the lab to capacity during peak hours of the week,” said Wendy Taylor, advisor for TRIO and the tutor lab coordinator at KCHE.  “Math and Anatomy and Physiology draw a lot of students, but we also get many requests for English and writing tutors.”

The Regional Center for Health Professions of Northeast State at Kingsport houses the College’s health-related programs where Anatomy and Physiology classes and chemistry-related courses are needed for degree requirements.

Tutoring is available to Northeast State students and the tutor lab itself is open to all students who attend other institutions at KCHE including King University, Lincoln Memorial University, Milligan College, Tusculum College, and the University of Tennessee. For more information about tutoring times and subject areas contact kche@northeaststate.edu.

“We want to create a sense of community here at KCHE,” said Dobbs. “Research demonstrates that students who are engaged with their college and their colleagues have higher retention rates and earn their degrees.”

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