Echoes and Images XXIV contest winners announced

Winners of the Echoes and Images XXIV competition have been announced by the Northeast State Humanities Division. The judges reviewed submissions made during the fall semester in the categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Visual Arts.  Judges selected first, second, and third place award winners earlier this year.

In the Fiction category, Andrew Christian won first place for Winter Skies, Michelle Miller received second place for Stargazer Lilies, and Erin Ryder earned third place for Case #02041937:  The Case of the Poisoned Apple.  Honorable Mention went to Margo by Michael Stalvey.

In the Non-fiction category, Dying to Learn by Toby J. Stidham won first place. Second place went to Daddy’s Girl by Beth Edwards and A Distant Love by Kassidy Hubbard took third place. Those Nine Months by Mckayla Bacon and Thanksgiving by Robert Northrup received honorable mention nods.

Christian also won first place in the Poetry category for his poem Pickets. Pirate Bones by Kevin Carrier received second place, and As I Walk by Elizabeth Harrison took third place in the division. Honorable mention notices were given to the following contestants: Equine Sunrise by Katie Barnett; 9 September 2001 by Heather Russell; Winter and From Drowning by Cassandra Walls; Forgotten Fighter by Charles Stuart Forstall; Church Meeting House and Downtown Bar by Andrew Christian; and Perhaps When This Is Over by Kevin Carrier.

In the Visual Art category, The Fight Against Cancer by Caitlin Meadows won first place. Daniel Neubrander’s Self-portrait: Graphite on Vellum earned the second place. Third place went to Katrina Gibbs-Macdonald for her work Untitled. Honorable mention notices went to Meadows for Diagnosed as Human and the Michelle Miller for Bird’s Eye Books.

Other Visual Art finalists recognized were: Sailor’s Delight by Erin Ryder; Live in the Gray by Zachery Sturgill; 1,000  Words by Ashley Pierce; My Mummy Head by Katrina Gibbs-Macdonald; Tell-Tale Tessellations by Kelly Tolley; Even God Rests by Caitlin Meadows; and Tree Frog by Daniel Neubrander.

First, second, and third place winners in all categories will be published this spring in Echoes and Images.  Other winning entries will be published as space permits.  Visual art winners may pick up their entries at the end of the semester. Other artwork can be picked up this week in Dr. Christal Hensley’s office, room H120 of the Humanities Building.

Echoes and Images 2014
Echoes and Images 2014

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