Looking for your class? There’s a map for that

Meandering hallways and large buildings can be daunting to first-year college students. Thanks to the Google Maps indoor mapping service at Northeast State students can access their smart phones and iPads to navigate Northeast State’s main campus and Kingsport teaching sites.

“If you have a mobile device, the Google indoor map opens up your ability to navigate through the buildings with room names and numbers,” said Russell Bowman, webmaster for Northeast State. “If you are in a campus building, the accelerometer follows you around to any room or office giving students their own tracking map of campus.”

A new indoor map app helps students navigate the Northeast State campus.
A new indoor map app helps students navigate the Northeast State campus.

The mobile device user can follow the indoor map to all buildings on the College’s main campus at Blountville and the five academic buildings of Northeast State at Kingsport.  The map identifies by name and building number classrooms, the offices of business and admissions, computer labs, and tutoring sites.  Students can use their smart phone or iPad devices as electronic maps to find rooms housing biology classes or the financial aid office.

The new Google indoor map operates via Droid as a built-in application with Google Maps.  The map can be accessed via iPhone if the user downloads the Google Maps app to the iPhone operating system.

“New students can find any classroom or office using the indoor map application,” said Bowman. “We expect this map service to be active for all current and future teaching sites.”

Bowman said the College’s Information Technology department planned to include mapping of the Northeast State teaching sites at Bristol and Elizabethton in the not-too-distant future.  He added that the Northeast State at Johnson City site would be brought into the fold once the facility opened for classes.

The Northeast State mobile app brings the College’s online services directly to students’ mobile devices.  Northeast State became the first institution in the Tennessee Board of Regents system to launch a mobile device application in 2011.

Google, Inc., took notice of the College’s forethought and contacted Northeast State’s Information Technology department with an offer to map the campus buildings.  Google representatives arrived at Northeast State this summer to map the physical space and details of the buildings at the main campus and at Kingsport.

“Google was very interested in doing this once they learned we were the first community college in the state with a mobile app,” said Bowman.  “They spent one week doing the physical mapping and approximately two months configuring the campus maps.”

So what if offices are moved or renamed?  Bowman said room names and numbers may change, but the building map retains its structural form in the application.  If an office moves to a new area on campus, Northeast State informs Google of the changes which are updated and synchronized with the existing building map.

“The footprint of any new building – the future Advanced Technologies building on the main campus for example – can be uploaded to Google,” Bowman explained. “The end user gets the updated indoor map service to navigate the new building.”

Chili Cook-off heats up Humanities Building

College Access Programs hosted a Chili Cook-off today at the Humanities Building.  A fine selection of spicy, sweet and savory chili varieties including “My Husband’s Chili” and “The Fritz” to “Red Dynomyte” and “Cozy Comfort Chili” got several sample tastes from students and faculty alike.  A big thanks to Morgan and Amy of Daytime Tri-Cities for judging today’s Chili Cook-off.



Northeast Nursing unveils new NURS Center

First-year nursing student face the formidable subject matter of pharmacology and fundamentals while second-year students focus on mental health, pediatrics, and obstetrics. The summer days’ relaxing hours and free time becomes little more than a memory.

The newly created Nurses Using Resources for Success (NURS) Center of Northeast State’s Nursing division now gives students refuge from high-stress curriculum and offers a place to learn and relax. The center’s acronym, NURS, was taken from the nursing course’s prefix, which is also NURS. Established to provide the students a dedicated area to study while also building peer-to-peer relationships, the center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and staffed by the Nursing faculty and the dean.

“We felt the students needed an environment where they could study with peers and get assistance from nursing faculty and myself,” said Dr. Melessia Webb, dean of Nursing.  “We also wanted the student have a place to hang out and have someone to talk to about class or anything – connecting classroom with their peers.”

The NURS Center at RCHP.
The NURS Center at RCHP.

Northeast State Nursing hosted an open house this month at the NURS Center in the Regional Center for Health Related Professions in Kingsport.  The resource center centralizes academic reference materials while creating a much-needed sanctuary for nursing students. Along with the academic resources available to students, the center features several nooks with comfy chairs, tables, and wall art giving a relaxed, homey feel. The center serves as an ideal decompression chamber not only for study, but also a welcoming environment where students can find emotional support and physical relaxation.

“We want students to know we care about them,” said Laura Jones, nursing instructor.  “This is a demanding program. The NURS Center allows faculty to stay engaged, academically and personally, with students so they are not getting frustrated.”

Nursing faculty always staff the NURS Center to help students.
Nursing faculty always staff the NURS Center to help students.

As an extension to the NURS Center, the division is also hosting monthly recognition parties, called CELEBRATE monthly. These events were established as a method to continue encouraging the nursing students. CELEBRATE (Celebrating Educational Learning Endeavors By Recognizing Achievements Toward Excellence) focuses on positive outcomes or progressive milestones that have been achieved by nursing students, faculty, or administration within the division.  The dean of Nursing and faculty recognized the importance of developing the NURS Center as well as the monthly CELEBRATE events in that all monetary needs have been and will continue to be provided by the faculty and dean.

The center is stocked with hardcover reference material.  The College’s information technology department installed a computer bank providing online reference and search capability.  The center serves as an extension for collaborative learning and building a support network between students that faculty members strongly encourage for each nursing class.

Students enjoy a comfortable place to study and decompress.
Students enjoy a comfortable place to study and decompress.

“We may have classes in the building, but we are spending a lot of time here in the resource center,” said Summer Manganaro, a first-year nursing student.  “We know we’re all in this as a family, and it has been a blessing to me.”

At least one faculty member staffs the center at all times to assist students.  All Nursing faculty members – including Dr. Webb – dedicate four hours to the resource center each week with many going beyond that.

“We may spend 12 hours a day in this building for classes and research,” said Denver Moses, also a first-year student.  “The center gives us that quiet, comfortable space where you can relax and fellowship with your peers.”

Collaborative learning unites students and faculty.
Collaborative learning unites students and faculty.

The program accepted more than 70 first-year nursing students this fall.  They join more than 30 second-year students scheduled to graduate with their associate of applied science degrees next spring.  While the first- and second-year classes are operating on different curriculum schedules, the second-year students help mentor the newbies.

“We also have the opportunity to talk to the second-year nursing students,” said Heather Clinton, a first-year student. “They are a big help to us with guidance and how to manage our time.”

The demands of the program mean nursing students do not always feel like #1.
The demands of the program mean nursing students do not always feel like #1.

Like many students majoring in a health-related professions program, Manganaro and Clinton have felt health-related issues hit close to home.  Helping her young son battle a severe chronic illness moved Manganaro to join the nursing ranks.  Since age 12 Clinton helped care for her grandmother.  Both said the move into caring for others felt like a natural progression for them.

Webb developed the Resource Center concept by applying the notion of connectivity and learning for students.  The division plans to apply for a federal grant to fund an additional full-time nursing faculty member to staff the center throughout the day.

“We wanted to have one environment that was not all about academics,” said Webb. “The faculty has truly made this project work.”

Because of You Campaign gets underway today!

The Because of You Campaign begins today!  If you can’t get to everything today, below are some “All Day…Every Day” activities that will be going on until Friday afternoon.   Enjoy and thanks for your support!

The week’s All Day…Every Day activities are:

KISS THE PIG – College Access

Who’s gonna be the big winner?  Dr. Heather Cook, Dr. Chris Lefler, VP Matt Delozier or Jim Henrichs!  The person’s jar with the most money will have to KISS THE PIG on Celebration Day (Monday, Sept. 30 at 3:00 p.m. in A202).


Welcome to BearBucks!
Welcome to BearBucks!


Visit BearBucks, a remote Appalachian town raising ‘Bucks’ for Northeast State Bears in need.  The BearBucks Boutique will be selling Four Seasons Home Décor, and the BearBucks Trading Post will be selling intricate Wood Carvings.   Donors can direct their contributions to either the Mobile Food Pantry initiative or to the Student Emergency Fund Scholarship.   BearBucks shops will be open Monday-Friday, Sept. 23-27, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in the Pierce Building Atrium.


View items NOW at http://www.northeaststate.edu/trioclub.aspx.  Bidding is open!


View: 2009 Honor’s alumna Emily Eversgerd’s mixed media exhibition Elementary on display in the Wayne G. Basler Library.

Visit: The Art Club’s Because of You Campaign Exhibition on display at Star Trails Downtown Gallery, 246 Broad St., Kingsport from Sept. 22–30.

Working at the Car Wash.
Working at the Car Wash.


Car Washes are back!  Monday – Thursday on the main campus at the maintenance building from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  On Friday,same time in Kingsport at the Regional Center for Automotive Programs.   Donations are appreciated to support the GED scholarship!


Be Northeast State’s President for a Day

Sept. 23-27, Students $5, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Humanities Building


If you’re interested in purchasing a nursing t-shirt, please contact Johanna Neubrander at jlneubrander@northeaststate.edu.  You can also stop by the RCHP.



Students can now apply online for JKC undergrad transfer scholarship

JKCF_UT_FlyerThe Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship application process has changed.   Students can now apply for the scholarship directly through an online process.

Students can apply directly through the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Website if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have a GPA of 3.5 or above
  • Are enrolled at Northeast State with sophomore status by Dec. 31, 2013
  • Are planning to transfer to a 4-year college or university for Fall 2014
  • Have documented financial need

The application is a two-part process. The initial application must be submitted by Nov. 7, 2013 (closes at 12:00 p.m., noon, Central Time).  This valuable, highly competitive scholarship has been awarded to two Northeast State students in the past five years.

A free informational webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 4 p.m.  in Room L226 of Basler Library at the College’s main campus.  All interested students are invited to attend.

For more information contact pmglass@northeaststate.edu or 423.354.2496.