Toyota Kata workshop focuses on continuous improvement

Workforce Solutions at Northeast State is hosting a workshop April 23 on the Toyota Kata methodology, which is designed to foster a routine of daily improvement. Maintaining daily focus on the process has been identified as a key factor to sustaining continuous improvement.

The eight-hour workshop – based on concepts developed by Mike Rother, author of Toyota Kata – will focus on the Improvement Kata and the Coaching Kata. The Improvement Kata is a daily routine that drives improvement, while the Coaching Kata focuses on teaching methods that reinforce Kata thinking and routine.

The workshop is designed for organization leaders who seek a strong continuous improvement environment. This may include CEOs, managers, supervisors, lean champions, and facilitators.

The seminar will be conducted by experts from the University of Tennessee’s Center for Industrial Services on the Northeast State’s Blountville campus, 2425 Highway 75, adjacent to the Tri-Cities Regional Airport.

The fee is $375 per person with a $50 discount for groups of four or more. The registration deadline is April 9, 2013. To register, please contact Diana Harrison at 423.354.5520 or

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