Honors Conference opens tomorrow in Basler Library

The 9th annual Northeast State Honors Conference kicks off tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. in L226 of Basler Library on the main campus.   The conference features Honors students and faculty members presenting their academic research on a thematic study topic.621562_382827758457381_1014049105_o

Since 1968, the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society have together established an Honors Study topic designed to encourage scholarship among two-year college students.

Since 2002, each study topic is explored for a period of two years to allow investigation. For the 9th Annual Research Conference, students and faculty examined the 2012-2013 Honors Study Topic, The Culture of Competition.  The schedule of conference presenters and their subjects is listed below.


8:30 a.m.               Coffee & Continental Breakfast
8:45 a.m.               Welcome
8: 50 a.m.              ETSU Ronald E. McNair Program:  Dr.  Michelle Hurley, assistant director

9:00-10:20:  Session One

John Grubb, NeSCC librarian, and J. Michael Ramey, NeSCC coordinator, Distance Education:  Massive Open Online Courses:  Reformation or Revolution

 Emily Glover and Taylor Simounet, NeSCC Speech Communication students:  Let Me Get That For You! :  Gender Roles and the Ritual of Door Holding

Leslie Alison Davis, ETSU McNair Scholar:  The Impact of Media on the Development of Eating Disorders

10:30-11:50:  Session Two

Mahmood Sabri, associate professor, Computer Science:  Winning Isn’t Everything.  Doing Your Best Is.

Miriam Phillips, instructor, Speech, and Elizabeth Ross, NeSCC Honors student:  Forward Thinking and Its Impact on Leadership

Will Carver, NeSCC Honors student:  Currency Manipulation:  Treating the Symptoms Instead of the Source

12:00-1:20:  Session Three 

David Toye, professor, History:  Christians vs. Pagans:  The Propaganda War in the Late Roman Empire

Britny Fox, Rocky Graybeal, Nicole Neilson, Anne Rowell, Jordan Warhurst, Argumentation and Debate students:  The Debt Ceiling.

1:30-2:50:  Session Four

Jim Kelly, associate professor, History:  How to Win Friends and Feed on People:  Survival of the Fittest and The Walking Dead

Michael Pagel, instructor, English:  William Heuman’s “Brooklyn’s Lose” Dodges Tragedy with the Goodwill of Neighbors

Maria Johnson, ETSU McNair Scholar:  The Experience of Homelessness in Kingsport, Tennessee.


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