Owls, Jets, Bears – You make the call

Northeast State has announced its mascot finalists and now it’s time for students, staff, faculty, and the community to make the call. Will it be an Owl, Jet, or Bear?

To help Northeast State make history, visit http://www.northeaststate.edu/mascot/ to cast a vote. The voting period extends from Feb. 1 to Feb. 15.

The choices were narrowed down during a recent survey that polled students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members for visual symbol that would demonstrate college pride and provide a memorable, unique, and appropriate public identity. The College received a number of colorful suggestions with the owls, jets, and bears rising to the top.

Here are descriptions and logos:

JetsLogoNortheast State Jets               
Why?  The location next to the airport primarily makes the Jets mascot an appropriate choice. While the Jets couldn’t be a costumed mascot, an “aviator” would serve as the symbol at events. Jets also get you from here to there falling in line with the Northeast State motto.


OwlsLogoNortheast State Owls
Why?  Owls have always been tied to wisdom/school. The owl is intuitive, resourceful, powerful and courageous. They also fly and that fits in with the Northeast State motto “We’re here to get you there” encouraging students.


BearsLogoNortheast State Bears
Why?  Black bears are intelligent, curious, and closely tied to the Appalachian region. Most of all, bears are extremely adaptable – much like community colleges.

The mascot’s job description is still evolving; however, it will most likely serve as a goodwill ambassador and/or a marketing tool that will embody the spirit of Northeast State. It’s the College’s hope that through a mascot, every student, alum, friend, and supporter will cultivate a strengthened connection to Northeast State’s mission, values, and commitment to building a college-going culture.

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