Summer no vacation for college maintenance crews

The summer season means vacation time for many.  Summer usually means the beginning of a rigorous work season for the Plant Operations department at Northeast State Community College.

“We have several significant projects going on at the main campus and our teaching sites this summer,” said Pete Miller, director of Plant Operations at Northeast State.  “In addition to routine maintenance activities, summer traditionally gives us time to complete detailed and significant renovation projects at all our sites.”

Summer break is no vacation for the men and women who take on campus maintenance and renovation.

A renovation of the Atrium entrance connecting the James H. Pierce Building on the main campus in Blountville begins this summer as the design phase nears completion.  When completed, the project will have constructed a new ‘main entrance’ to the campus, including a covered drop-off area, new finishes and HVAC system for the Atrium area.

Construction crews recently completed installation of new roofs on the Faculty Building and south end of General Studies Building.  Several office and classroom spaces get new paint and carpet. The College grounds crew installed new picnic tables with concrete pads along the Allen Hurley Wellness Trail on the main campus and more improvements to the wellness trail are planned in the near future.

The Sciences Department offices get an update.

Miller also said the College had initiated a campus-wide project to create new signage, parking spaces, and building access points as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The project addresses updated ADA requirements and will be completed in phases over the next few years.

The auditorium in the Student Services Building gets an update this year with new seating, acoustic panels, finishes, stage floor, and a wheelchair lift to access the stage. Still in the design phase, the auditorium renovation will begin later this year with a completion expected before year’s end.

New signage and building access points have been added at the main campus.

The College recently partnered with Sullivan County to put a community recycling center on the main campus.  The College constructed an asphalt pad for the dumpsters at the gravel parking lot entrance at Aviation Drive at the northeast end of campus.  Miller said the county planned to construct a fence and install pole lights.

“Once those things are done, the county will deliver the dumpsters and the recycling center will be open for public use – probably sometime later this summer,” he said. “Most of our renovation projects should be complete by the time students return this fall.”

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