KCHE hosts DigiGirlz Day

Microsoft’s popular DigiGirlz Day returned to the Kingsport Center for Higher Education for the second consecutive year to introduce local high school students into the dynamic world of Information Technology (IT).  The daylong event was sponsored by Microsoft, Eastman Chemical Company, and Northeast State.

“Eastman approached us about returning this year, and we were delighted to do so,” said Donna Bank-Hoglen, of Microsoft.  “We want young women to see what they can do with technology and how it can match any of their professional interests.”

DigiGirlz participants learn about the opportunities available for Information Technology industry.

DigiGirlz Day welcomed young women from surrounding high schools to interact with Microsoft professionals and managers to learn about careers in business and technology.   Held at selected locations around the world, this event gives students an insight into opportunities available in the high-tech industry and potential career paths.

The already modest number of women entering the Information Technology field dropped considerably in recent years, according to Microsoft representatives. DigiGirlz Day, held at multiple Microsoft locations worldwide, is designed to provide high school girls with a better understanding of what a career in technology holds for them.  More than 19,000 girls have participated in DigizGirls Day since the first event was held in 2000.

A Microsoft instructor gave students a look at the Kodu Game Lab as an educational tool.  Kodu uses game theory to help students learn critical thinking, logic and problem solving, and programming.  Kodu also teaches cooperation, logic and creative elements of learning applicable to many academic subjects.

The Kodu Game Lab introduced DigiGirlz participants to game theory as a creative learning tool for logic and critical thinking.

Students also met other young women already working in the information technology field to get some insights about the industry.

“The industry is so multifaceted beyond merely writing code for computer programs,” said Cynthia Hanna, of Microsoft.  “The opportunities are enormous for young women who want to enter IT.”

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