TRiO honors student scholars, graduates, and tutors

The TRiO Students Support Services Program at Northeast State honored its top students for the year at the 3rd annual Breakfast with the President event held on March 5.

TRiO director Teressa Dobbs welcomed students named as program scholars and students graduating from the program this spring.  She presented awards to current student scholars and scholar graduates who will be graduating from Northeast State this spring.

“We are so proud of all our student scholars,” said Dobbs. “We are going to miss our graduating students because we’ve grown so close to you all.”

The TRiO Student Support Services is a federally funded grant program designed to provide free services to 180 eligible participants each academic year to enable them to achieve their educational goals. Student Support Services strives to support at-risk students in their quest to complete a college degree. Services include academic support, tutoring, career planning, transfer advising, and personal support to help students deal with the challenges that arise while enrolled in college.

TRiO Director Teressa Dobbs (left) congratulates Robin Walsh for her win as Outstanding Participant for 2012.

“I can’t say enough good things about the TRiO program or all the professors I’ve had,” said Robin Walsh who was named TRiO’s Outstanding Participant of the Year. “We need to support this program with whatever we can do after we graduate.”

SSS Scholars recognized were:  Wilma Barnette, Thatcher Card, Jose Diaz, Caitlan English, Paul Fitzpatrick, Angel Fugate, Julia Gonder, Janet Haun, Nicole Herring, Dottie Hillman, Shelley Hines, Sherri Lester, Olivia Orten, Renee Powell, Jessica Ross, Joseph Safis, Brandon Scott, Tracy Silva, Zachary Spangler, Shana Wise, Sarah Wolfe, and Elizabeth Jo Sensabaugh.

SSS students graduating from the program this spring are: Ferida Abdu, Fadila Abedo, Maylena Corpuz, Lance Hale, Beverly Henderson, Jennifer Houser, Felicia Hutson, James Isley III, Jian Li McKee, Wade McMackin, Phillip Millard, Stephanie Minton, Denise Monseque, Kevin Rhodes, Amy Stacy Litz, Ginger Stiles, Shawana Strader, Katrine Walsh, Robin Walsh, Sherri Wiggins, and Alyssa Vorel.

TRiO welcomed 22 student scholars and 21 student graduates at the 3rd annual Breakfast with the President event.

SSS Tutor Coordinator Raylene Steward presented the Advanced Tutor of the Year award to Jenny Reed and Peer Tutor of the Year to Kevin Rhodes, himself an SSS scholar.  Members of the College’s Alpha Iota Chi chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society tutored several TRiO students on subjects including math and chemistry.  The results found more than 90 percent of students passing – and often excelling at – the subjects that had been their academic weak point.

“The TRiO program has been there for me so much,” said Denise Monseque, TRiO club president and graduating SSS student.  “They have helped me bloom like a flower.”

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