Echoes and Images winners announced

Winners of the Echoes and Images 22 literature and arts contest have been announced by the Northeast State Humanities Division.  The judges made their decisions, and the winners are listed below.

In the Fiction category, Michelle Goodwin won first place for Sydney Strange, Jon Warden took second place for Cries in the Night, and Shonna Bernard earned third place for Going Home.  Honorable Mention went to Rune’s Destiny by Kelly Tolley and Keys by Haley Manis.

In the Non-fiction category, Michael Burkey’s work Cleaning House took first place.  Sherry Keeler’s The Letters won second, and Insanity of Love by Joseph Safis received third place.  The Luckiest Man by Chris Bennett received an honorable mention nod.

Ethan McCasland’s poem Nerd Love won first place in the Poetry category. The Pentecostal Get-down by Justin Roberts received second place, and My Mother’s Quilt by Matthew L.A. Gilbert won third.  Poetry honorable mention notices were awarded to:  Fixing It by Shonna Bernard; Goodbye by Cassandra Walls; Christmas ’95 by Michelle Goodwin; Between the Veils of Heaven and Hell by Matthew L.A. Gilbert; and Pink Bikini by Kimberly James.

In the Visual Art category, Leslie Arnold won first place for The Wonder, a collage done in ink and acrylic.  T.J. Laws earned second place for his Plague Mask created with tempera.  Third place went to Daniel Neubrander for his Eyes of Guatemala, a graphite creation on vellum.  Receiving honorable mention notices were A Still Life for Cézanne, a watercolor also done by Leslie Arnold and The Carpenter, a black and white photograph by Justin R. Price.

Other Visual Art finalists were:  American Kestrel, done in tempera; and Portrait of a Girl, colored pencil, by Phyllis Salling;  Mellifluous Origins, tempera and collage; by Erica Green;  Pink Iris,  watercolor and ink, by Rose Potter;  Over the Lake and Through the Woods, digital photography, by Skylar Manis;  Still Life with Hanging Cow Skull and Bookcase, pencil, by Leslie “Maria Pilar” Arnold;  and The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be, collage, Cayston K. Shulters.

First, second, and third place winners in all categories will be published in the magazine this spring.  Other winning entries will be published as space permits.  Visual art winners may pick up their entries at the end of the semester. Other artwork can be picked up this week in Dr. Christal Hensley’s office, room H120 of the Locke Humanities Building.

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