SunTrust gifts $10,000 to Northeast State Foundation

A generous donation by SunTrust Bank to the Northeast State Foundation expands scholarship opportunities for students.

The new gift of $10,000 adds to the existing SunTrust Bank Endowed Scholarship.  SunTrust regional president Jerome Julian and Phil Kellar presented the gift to Northeast State officials earlier this month.

SunTrust Bank expands their endowed scholarship at Northeast State with a gift of $10,000.

“SunTrust Bank has been a longstanding, generous donor to Northeast State, and we truly appreciate Jerome Julian’s effort in securing these additional dollars for scholarship students,” said Heather Cook, executive director of the Foundation. “It is always rewarding when others see the potential in our students as well as the importance in educating our region.”

The new endowment was made possible through the SunTrust grants program.  SunTrust also donated a mural that will be displayed in College’s new downtown Johnson City teaching site.  The mural will be unveiled when the Johnson City teaching site opens. SunTrust operates more than 1,600 institution branches primarily located in Southeast and Mid-Atlantic markets.

The Northeast State Foundation administers academic scholarships, provides community service, and directs other programs offered by the College. The Foundation administers more than 100 Northeast State-based scholarships and others such as the Academic Work Scholarship.

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