Campus stays busy with summer projects

Workmen pour concrete under a blistering August sun.  Flooring tiles get removed and walls are stripped of paint.

Summer leaves little time off for the building and grounds crews at Northeast State as they race to finish projects across campus as the first day of fall classes nears.

Grout and steel rods stabilize the concrete foundation of the A Building.

“The summer months give us a window to complete projects that are best done with fewer students on campus,” said Pete Miller, director of Maintenance Department.

One of the summer’s largest projects involved repairing the foundations of three buildings on the main campus.  A series of cracks and displacements in the flooring and walls of interior offices and classrooms was noticed in the buildings in recent years.  A series of dry summer seasons dating back to 2007 is believed to have contributed to the physical alteration in the buildings’ structures.

Construction crews began drilling through the ground to the foundation’s concrete platform.  Steel rods were inserted down the drill shaft until the steel hits bedrock.  A high pressure pump is used to inject grout into the damage point to stabilize the foundation from further shifting.  Maintenance personnel will replace flooring and repair walls of interior rooms affected by the foundation.

Miller said the stabilization project included portions of the Powers Science and Math Building, the General Studies Building, and the Student Center.

Paving is one of many projects being completed at the main campus this summer.

Eight new gas-fired boilers have been installed at the main campus and will be brought online later this month.  The boilers provide heating capacity to most buildings on campus.

Other projects include enhancing handicapped access points around campus buildings, replacing the roof on the Faculty Building, and repainting vehicle space stripes in the student parking lot adjacent to the Locke Humanities Building and Wellmont Regional Center for the Performing Arts.

Building crews are also renovating several offices in the General Studies Buildings.  The offices for the Student Success Center and Center for Students with Disabilities are also being refurbished.

These projects are all in addition to the College personnel who keep up the landscaping and daily building maintenance year round.

“We need to make sure our students, faculty, and staff have a comfortable, safe and clean environment where they can learn and work,” said Miller.

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