23 Brock employees earn prestigious CPT credential

Twenty-three Brock employees in Kingsport recently earned a prestigious skill set by completing Certified Production Technician (CPT) Training.

The nationally recognized CPT credential is offered by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) through Northeast State Community College’s Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

The CPT curriculum focuses on Safety, Quality Practices and Measurement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness.

The Brock team is the first in the region to complete all four modules and Brock employs the only certified CPT instructor outside of NeSCC in the region, James Osborne. Team members include Michelle Bacon, Brian Bartley, Michael Brice, Justin Burton, Bridget Carr, Alex Cooter, Tim Dwyer, Gary Evens, Greg Feathers, Scott Fletcher, Mark Fugate, Tony Fugate, Jessica Galloway, Roger Hodges, Amy Lawson, Billy Lunsford, Dan Matherly, Charles McCaslin, Joe Miller, Cavin Reed, Mark Spencer and Brian Wallen. Robert McKinney of Northeast State was the other CPT instructor involved in the training.

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Twenty-three Brock employees recently earned the CPT credential offered by Manufacturing Skills Standards Council through the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

According to MSSC, the goal of the CPT certification program is to raise the level of performance of production workers both to assist individuals in finding higher-paying jobs and helping employers ensure their workforce boosts the company’s productivity and competitiveness.

The program involves online education and assessments paired with classroom learning. Tests are based on MSSC’s industry-defined, nationally validated skill standards. Each assessment contains about 80-90 multiple-choice questions. Individuals are allowed 90 minutes to complete each test.

The college plans to roll out the program to additional Brock employees in 2019 as well as other companies and high schools in the region. According to Northeast State officials, a CPT partnership is already in place at Dobyns-Bennett High School.

About Brock
The Brock Group is a leading provider of industrial specialty services with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and operating units in the United States and Canada. The company provides Operations Support and Logistics Services in Manufacturing facilities and supports routine maintenance, turnarounds, and capital projects.  Types of services provided include material handling, packaging, warehousing,  scaffolding and work access, insulation, coatings/linings, and asbestos abatement, as well as additional associated services. Brock has longstanding relationships with a broad array of customers including some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, power generation, LNG and pharmaceutical industries.

About MSSC
The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), a 501(c)3 non-profit, is an industry-led, training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s front-line production and material handling workers. The nationwide MSSC System, based upon industry-defined and federally-endorsed standards, offers both entry-level and incumbent workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills increasingly needed in the technology-intensive jobs of the 21st century.

President’s and Vice President’s lists for Fall semester 2018

Northeast State Community College proudly announces students named to the President’s and Vice President’s lists for the Fall semester of 2018.

To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must complete a minimum of 12 hours of college-level credit during one semester with a grade point average of 4.00.

Students named to the President’s List are:  Matthew Adkins; Hayley Allen; Magnus Allen; Melissa Archer; Mattie Atkins; Laura Austin; Kaylee Autry; Destiny Baker; Jacob Baker; Brandon Ball; Hannah Barnett; Lindsay Barnett; Jonathan Barrett; Ashley Basinger; Gabriel Bass; Sherianne Beach; Chelsea Begley; Jonathan Bell; Hannah Bellamy; Ryan Berry; Brianna Birchfield; Elizabeth Bishop; Abigail Black; Hannah Blair; Tucker Boggs; Gracie Bolthouse-Merrick; Katherine Bouschart; Myra Bower; Shenoah Bradley; Jessica Bridgman; Jonathan Browder; Willard Brown; Levi Buckles; Megan Buckles; Gerald Burke; Katherine Burke; Hailey Burton; Jamie Byrd; Madison Byrd; Michael Byrd; Christian Calhoun; Madison Camus; Emma Carr; Tyler Carr; Maria Carreon-Pena; Tammy Carrier; Michael Carter; Derek Cartozzo; Daniel Cavin; Brianna Chalfin; Amy Chapman; Erin Chapman; Trevor Chase; Leslie Chatten; Nataliya Chibizova; Amber Church; Chase Church; David Clayton; Savana Cleek; Nadia Clementi; Christopher Collins; Macy Collins; Marion Cornett; Montana Cornett; Victoria Cotterman; Hannah Crawford; Kaleb Cross; Jade Crusenberry; Payton Culbertson; Angel Cunningham; Megan Daniel; Matthew Davidson; Gabriel Davis; Brandon De La Vega; Khristian Demelo; Tory Dillard; Austin Dotson; Daniel Dotson; Timothy Dougherty; Cameron Douthat; Bethany Duncan; Kevin Duncan; Carson Dykes; Benjamin Edwards; Marly Eggers; Sarrah Eggers; Benjamin Eldreth; Lilly Ellis; Tonia Ellsworth; Zackary England; Madison Ensor; Andrew Ervin; Isaac Evans; Becky Falin; Kylee Farmer; Eden Fenner; Lexie Ferguson; Jason Fields; Joshua Fields; Kari Fields; Cassandra Fleenor; Kenneth Fleenor; Kevin Fleenor; Joy Fletcher; Laurel Fortener; Sydney Fritts; Bethany Galovin; Jesse Garber; Delfino Garcia; Anthony Gardner; Kayla Gilbert; Kennedy Goforth; Casey Graves; Stephen Greenwell; Kelly Grenvik; Eric Griffin;  Jordan Griffin; Laura Griffin; Madilyn Griswold; Vicki Hall; Johanna Hamblen; John Hamby; Caleb Hamilton; Lari Harper; Ashley Harris; Autumn Hart; Zackary Hartley; Jacob Hartsock; Kelsi Hatcher; Thearon Hearne; Brittny Heatherly-Hoss; Caylee Henson; Cecilia Hernandez Garcia; Jeremiah Hicks; Connor Hinkle; Jackson Hogan; Julia Hogue; Amanda Holmes; Savannah Honaker; Jesse Honeycutt; Masie Honeycutt; Aaron Hooper; John Hooyboer; Rebecca Hopson; Landon Horton; Jasmyn Hrenda; Preston Huff; Joni Hughes; Malachi Hughes; Summer Hunley; Shea Huyard; Sabrina Jackson; Erika Job; Adam Johnson; Benjamin Johnson; Dalton Johnson; Hailee Johnson; Malayna Johnson; Breanna Jones; Christopher Jones; Jennifer Jones; Steven Jones; Katie Jordan; Kacie Keefer; Zackary Keith; Melodie Kennard; Mary Kerns; Andrew Keys; Christopher Kincaid;  Steven Kincheloe; Wesley King; Lauren Kinkead; Melanie Klaus; Danielle Knittel; Christopher Koubele; Jarek Kubenka; Connie Lane; Colin Lawrence; Hannah Lawson; Mackenzie Leonard; Nathaniel Leonard; Jeremy Light; Autumn Loggans; Xena Long; Austin Lovegrove; Faith Lowe; Deborah Lowery; Jacqueline Loyd; Brandon Lukianoff; Ryan Lunceford; Jordan Luttrell; Charles Magoulis; Gregory Marshall; Serina Marshall; Tanner Marshall; Conner Martin; Courtney Martin; Brandon Mathes; Celeste Mattaliano; Kelly Mayes; Barbara Mazzella; Kevin McBrien; Benjamin McCann; Kezia McCann; James McCloud; Chandler McCrary; Heather McCreary; Jayden McCurry; Sean McDaniel; William McKinney; Brianna McMillan; Hunter McNeely; Morgan McNeely; Holden McNew; Megan McQueen; Charis McReynolds; Kurt Mcintosh; Courtnie Mckinney; Madison Mckinney; Stephanie Mclain; Olivia Mcpherson; Morgan Meade; Emily Mears; Clarissa Mendoza; Estrella Mendoza; Emilee Merritt; Neely Millard; Amanda Miller; Derek Miller; Jamie Miller; Zane Miller; Abigail Milliken; Kylee Milliken; Jonathan Mills; Blake Montgomery; Alysia Moore; Jessica Moore; Luke Moore; Prather Moorleghen; Madison Morton; Ashley Mullins; Dalton Mullins; Emily Napier; Christy Nixon; Nicholas Noe; Brittany Norris; Larry Norris; Katelyn Oakes; Amanda Oler; Andrew Oquendo; Basma Osman; Kaitlyn Osteen; Jordan Owens; Megan Painter; Andrew Palmeter; Katie Parker; Amber Parks; Dalton Parks; Samantha Parrish; Sonnie Parrish; Matthew Parvin; John Peace; Erika Perez; Bethany Perhne; Jacob Pfefferkorn; Lauren Phemister; Scott Philipp; Averi Phillips; Stephanie Phillips; Luke Pigeon; William Pippin; Kevin Portwine; Chase Powers; Jacob Powers; Tyler Powers; Bailey Presnell; Kassie Puckett; Sophia Quick; Heath Quillin; Brom Ragaire Deoradhan Graythorn; Richard Ramey; Leah Ransom; Jason Ratliff; Matthew Reese; Taylor Reeves; Chelsi Rhodes; Megan Rice; Shelby Richards; Emily Richmond; Douglas Roark; Skylar Roberts; Sarah Robinson; Shaffer Robinson; Emily Rogers; Maurice Rojas; Aaron Rose; James Roundtree; Alexis Ryans; Jahna Rynes; Mohammad Salehi; Nicole Saunders; Kristina Scalf; Lauren Schutter; Braeden Sellers; Elijah Sellers; Alex Shand; Braxton Shaw; John Sheets; Veronica Shell; Rebecca Shelton; Hannah Shepherd; Daniel Shipley; Kendra Shipley; Joseph Shockley; Grant Skelton; Brittany Slaughter; Katelyn Smith; Madison Snyder; Brandon Sorah; Brandtly Spangler; Jacob Stanley; Matthew Stanley; Zachary Staton; Dakota Steffey; Jenna Stephens-Austin; Jesse Stidham; Brittany Stines; Raegan Stone; Kaytlin Stout; Gavin Strawn; Megan Street; Mechele Stykes; Sarah Swanson; Stephanie Swanson; Jeri Taylor; Daniel Teague; Brandon Templeton; Carsen Terry; Ciara Thacker; Rebekah Thatcher; Leah Thomas; Lauren Thompson; Abigail Thouin; Brenda Tipton; Parker Tipton; Tristan Tremblay; Noah Trent; Joshua Trinkle; Leslie Trippel; Joseph Trivette; Julianne Truelove; Monica Tucker; William Turner; Christopher Usary; Ronda Ushka; Alexander Valdez; Nathaniel Valentine; Taylor Vandergriff; Kaitlyn Vaughn; Rachel Vittetoe; Joshua Wade; Jacob Walker; Alexis Wallen; Ashley Watson; Allison Weber; Gabrie Weston; Taylor Wexler; Jared Wheeler; Sydni White; Noah Whitehead; Phillip Whittemore; Wesley Williams; Katlynn Witt; Annie Worley; Dylan Yalowitz; Lucas Yontz; Jeffery Young; Luke Young; William Yount; Zhilong Zhao; and Hope Zombro.

To be eligible for the Vice President’s List, a student must complete a minimum of 12 hours of college-level credit during one semester with a grade point average of 3.50-3.99.

Students making the Vice President’s List are:  Brooke Adams; Makayla Adams; Thomas Adams; Christine Adkins; Ryne Adkins; Gutu Ahmed; Makayla Allen; Myla Anderson; Kayleigh Arnold; Landon Arnold; Megan Arnold; Sarah Arnold; Nathan Atwell; Noah Bailey; Leah Banks; Miranda Barbe; Heather Barham; Nathaniel Barnett; Nicholas Barnett; Victoria Barnett; Jeremy Barrett; Philip Bateman; Breeaunna Beavers; Hayden Begley; Alexis Beltran-Meza; Maranda Bennett; Katherine Benton; Ariel Berry; Matthew Beverly; Denise Bewley; Hannah Bewley; Zachary Bible; Alexis Bier; William Bishop; Jonathan Black; Jordan Black; Aaron Blaylock; Jada Bledsoe;  Whitney Blessing; Houston Blevins; Raven Blevins; Michaela Bogan; Randi Bogle; Nicholas Bombailey; Dustin Booher; Lauren Booher; Keylee Botkin; Hannah Bowen; Haley Bowers; Chelsea Bowlin; Haley Bowman; Seth Bowman; Steven Bowser; Augusta Boyd; Lindsey Boyd; Logan Bradley; Mackenzie Bridges; Zackary Bringman; Julie Brooks; Brianna Brown; David Brown; Rylan Brown; Audrey Brownlee; Dylan Broyles; Devin Bryant; Austin Bullis; Ashley Burke; Cody Burnette; Simon Burns; Addison Byrd; Brandy Cain; Kaitlin Calandros; Alison Caldwell; Jacob Calhoun; Camlin Campbell; Cassidy Campbell; Kaitlin Campbell; Briana Canter; Weldon Carico; Brandon Carpenter; McKenzie Carpenter; Bailie Carter; Josie Carter; Kenneth Carter; Mckaylen Cassady; Tony Cavin; Cory Chaffin; Alexis Chan; Jesse Chapman; Jacob Chess; Kelsey Childress; Braeden Christian; Emily Christian; Alena Church; Savannah Church; Kasidee Clarke; Charles Clawson; Cameron Clay; Angela Cobble; Jonathan Coffey; Mahaila Coffey; Dylan Colburn; Emily Cole; Sarah Collier; Madison Collins; Tyler Collins; Mollie Conkin; Logan Cooper; Leticia Cordero; Klayton Cottongim; Cameron Cox; Carol-Jo Cox; Jacob Cox; Johnathon Cox; Matthew Cox; Rebekah Cox; Christopher Cratty; Justin Cross; Sarah Cross; Whitney Crowe; Noah Crusenberry; Elizabeta Dacruz; Kimberly Daluisio; Dalton Darnell; Tyler Darnell; Kenneth Davis; Shannon Davis; Jacob Deal; Myles Deal; William Denton; Shaylin Depew; Derek Dickinson; Christian Dingus; Luke Dorton; Laura Drinnon; Dustin Dugger; Breanna Duncan; Madison Dykes; Amber Earp; Vanessa Edokhamhen; Michael Edwards; Blake Ellis; Stephen Elsey; Paula Faidley; Hamilton Falin; Tiffany Farrouki; LeeAnne Faust; Braydan Favre; Nicholas Fender; Bailey Ferguson; Tiffany Ferguson; Jesse Ferry; Nakayla Fink; Kolever Fisk; Joshua Fortener; Ashley Fortune; Ally Franklin; Dylan Fritts; Noah Garland; Lindsey Gibbons; Catherine Gilbert; Nicholas Gilbert; Jessica Gilland; Alexis Glover; Frances Godfrey; Athena Goodwin; Hannah Gore; Tatum Gouge; Sydney Gounaris; Chloee Graybeal; Jaden Greene; Megan Greene; Nicole Greene; Olivia Greene; Stephen Griffin; Dylan Griffith; Kelsey Guy; Christopher Hagood; Courtney Hale; Joshua Hall; Naquilla Hall; Ryley Hall; Makenna Hallingstad; Chloe Hambrick; Kristain Hamilton; Zachary Hamrick; Alyssa Hare; Jacob Harmon; Joseph Harrigan; Hailey Harrison; Matthew Hatcher; Christopher Haun; Madison Haynes; Kalie Head; Seth Heaton; Sydney Heaton; Brittany Helton; Seth Helton; Hannah Hendrix; Amanda Henry; Ashlee Hensley; Dovie Herrera; Collin Hickman; Lauren Hicks; Drew Hill; Michael Hill; Abigail Hines; Jacob Hoard; Duncan Hodge; Corbyn Hoffmeister; Nicholas Holder; Andrew Hooper; Jesse Hooven; Ethan Hopkins; Lucas Horne; Bailey Houser; Rylie Housewright; Elizabeth Howe; Chloe Howell; McKenzie Howell; Callie Howington; Chase Hubbard; Courtney Hubbard; Walker Hudlow; Kelli Hughes; Alicia Hunt; Nathanael Hunt; Emilee Hyatt; Panatda Inthavong; Holden Isley; Richard Jacquay; Jayson Jarvis; Samuel Jenkins; Elizabeth Jennings; Dakota Johnson; Destiny Johnson; Isaac Johnson; Jacob Johnson; Caleb Jones; Hunter Jones; Miranda Jones; Sarah Jones; Tayler Jones; Victoria Keith; Andrew Kennedy; Jasmine Khan; Cheyenne King; Daniel Klug; Stacey Kramer; Robert Kyker; Joshua Kyte; Chloe LaPointe; Daniel Lane; Jacob Lane; Amanda Larkins; Dustin Larkins; Laura Laster; Justin Laughren; Lindsey Laughrun; Ade’ Aja Laurent; Morgan Leach; Matthew Ledford; Joseph Lemmon; Eric Lendzioszek; Hunter Leonard; Makenzie Leonard; Daniel Lewis; Justice Lewis; Sean Lewis; Michael Lilly; Delia Little; Katie Long; Taylor Long; Camille Lucas; Hien Luu; Jared Malcolm; Daniel Manning; Sydney Markland; Kenzie Massengill; Madison Mauldin; Lillian Maupin; Kayla Mayo; Cameron McAmis; Samantha McCall; Kaitlynn McInturff; Robert McIntyre; Chase McNabb; Madelyn McNeece; Isaiah Mccoury; Matthew Mccoy; Kaitlyn Mccracken; Anthony Mefford; Brandon Metcalf; Aaron Miller; Brandy Miller; Curtis Miller; Emily Mingle; Gretchen Minton; Noah Mintz; Cassie Moffitt; Pamela Morelock; Tristan Morley; Vanessa Morris; Caitlin Morrison; Alyssa Mullins; Angel Murrell; Isaac Neil; Marcus Nettles; Madison Nevitt; Kelly Newell; Haley Newman; Tuan Nguyen; Nikisa Nichols; Martina Nickles; Jeanette Nieto; Dylan Nordby; Charles Norton; Gavin Norwood; Preston O’Dell; Jaden Oaks; Ciara Oliver; Marisa Oliver; Megan Ollis; Sydney Orfield; Jesus Ortiz Mendoza; Stephanie Osborn; Elena Owens; Crystal Page; Hunter Page; Jada Page; Malia Palmer; Rhiannon Palmer; Brayden Pauley; Hannah Payne; Lauryn Pearson; Mckenzie Peavler; Laney Perdue; Leah Perkins; Chelsea Perry; Wesley Persinger; Mitchell Peters; Allison Pierce; Kristen Pierce; Robert Pierce; Jessica Pliler; Brianna Ponder; Faith Poteet; Payton Potter; Sara Presley; Alec Price; Joshua Price; Seth Price; Christian Privette; Hannah Puckett; Caleb Quillen; Breanna Ramirez; Hannah Ramsey; Skyler Randolph; Elizabeth Rankin; Abigail Rasnick; Alec Ratner; CaitlynReece; Frank Reed; Michaela Regester; Sally Rhymer; Mia Rigsby; Tommy Roberson Jr.; Chloe Roberts; Cody Roberts; Abagail Robinson; Hannah Robinson; Caleb Rogers; Heather Rogers; Kent Roller; Natalie Roller; Nicholas Rowland; Amber Royston; William Ruskey; Joseph Rutherford; Nancy Sage; Creola Sakellar; Billy Salvagno; Dierra Salyer; Pierce Sams; Jared Sanders; Taylor Sanders; Tarrah Sanders-Aguiar; Jessee Sandoe; Grace Sauer; Courtney Scalzo; Sarah Scheurer; Madison Schultz; Nicole Scott; Jacob Sexton; Maggie Shankles; Alexanderia Shaw; Austin Shell; John Shockley; Haley Shupe; Colton Simcox; Morgan Simerly; Olivia Skeens; Kayla Skeide; Benjamin Slaughter; Emily Slay; Robyn Sluder; Trevin Sluss; Ashley Smith; Ethan Smith; Jacob Smith; Levi Smith; Logan-Michael Smith; George Solomon; Erik Somkutyan; Abbey Southerland; Jacob Spangler; Jasmine Sprouse; Luke Stacy; Corinne Starr; Anna Stephens; Melody Stewart; Hope Stidham; James Stigall; Megan Stipes; Brayden Stokes; Benjamin Street; Tristan Stresemann; Alexander Stribling; Joshua Suarez; Lauren Suder; Jeffrey Surratt; Weston Susong; Benjamen Sutton; Leeah Sutton; Samantha Sutton; Jessica Sweet-Claudio; Phillip Tankersley; Jose Tavarez; James Taylor; Sarah Taylor; Sierra Taylor; Trevor Taylor; John Tester; Theodore Testerman; Cassidy Thompson; Ryan Thorp; Deanna Tilton; Randall Timbs; Brandon Tincher; Triston Tipton; Cheyenne Toof; Angel Trent; Lucas Triplett; Sydni Trout; Myria True; Jonathan Tyson; Peyton Urich; Nathan Utsman; Molly VanBuren; Jessica Vance; Nicholas Vaughn; Bailey Vicars; Punoi Vilaivanh; Bryce Waldecker; Autumn Walker; Brittany Wallen; Hallie Walters; Mariah Wampler; April Ward; Grant Ward; Megan Watkins; Cooper Watson; Amelia Waugh; Taylor Waye; Russell Weatherford; Jaicee Weaver; Sheyenne Weaver; Sandra Whaley; Ryan Wheeler; Alexandra Whitehead; Robert Whitfield; Tristen Widener; Kara Willard; Bretton Willett; Kaili Williams; Kaitlyn Williams; Kilby Williams; Lauren Williams; Landon Williamson; Joanna Willis; Meagan Willis; Brianna Wilson; Emily Wilson; Kaylee Wilson; Triston Winegar; Emily Winters; Mark Winters; Nathan Wise; Kyle Wittman; Reagan Wolfe; Jaymee Woodmore; Mikayla Woods; Savanah Wright; Julia Wyatt; Emma Wysor; Runzhou Zhu; and Madeleine van Huet.

Northeast State offers classes at campuses in Blountville, Kingsport, Elizabethton, Gray, Johnson City, and Unicoi County.

NE Theatre students earn Kennedy award nominations

Northeast State Theatre’s fall production of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea garnered several award nominations for the play’s cast and crew.

Northeast State students were nominated for awards selected in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s (KCACTF) Region IV competition. This year’s festival takes place Feb. 5-9 in Spartanburg, S.C. The competition recognizes the best theatre work of two- and four-year colleges and universities from across the Southeast.

“We had a number of students in their first production,” said Brad McKenzie, instructor and technical director for Northeast State Theatre. “I am always really proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication.”

Gavin Strawn (far left) as Pierre Arronax and Jacob Lewis (second from left) as Ned Land.

A proctor representing the region attended a performance of 20,000 Leagues to judge the production’s work from acting to sound design. The play’s quality was graded and considered for nominations to the festival competition.

Rebecca Hopson earned a nomination for her work as stage manager on 20,000 Leagues. As part of the competition, she and other stage manager nominees are tasked with managing the festival from presentation set-ups to rehearsals.

“The stage manager runs the show so anything that went wrong it was on me,” said Hopson. “You make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be at the right time.”

The costuming for 20,000 included diving suits and sea creatures.

Gavin Strawn earned an Irene Ryan Award nomination for acting for his performance as Prof. Pierre Arronax. Jacob Lewis picked up Irene Ryan Acting nominations for two roles, as Artax in The Neverending Story produced in spring 2018 and as Ned Land in 20,000 Leagues. Lewis previously earned a Irene Ryan award nomination as Rev. David Marshall in the fall 2017 production of The Foreigner.

“I was a sciences major but didn’t feel that was quite right for me so I switched to theatre,” said Strawn. “I really enjoy theatre, it is what makes me happy.”

Strawn and Lewis chose the scenes they would perform and secured the rights to use them in the competition. The nominees began prepping those performances before the fall semester ended. They’ve been rehearsing with acting partners who will accompany them to the festival.

“We been rehearsing a lot to get to where we need to be,” said Strawn. “By the time the competition gets here, I think we will be doing really well.”

Lewis graduated from Northeast State in December. He enrolled as a Theatre major at East Tennessee State University this spring. He said finding the Theatre department changed his focus on academics and life. The nominees praised McKenzie and Theatre director and Professor Elizabeth M. Sloan for setting high expectations of them and their fellow students.

“Meeting Brad and Elizabeth and getting into this theatre program, it definitely changed me as a person for the better,” said Lewis.

Other 20,000 Leagues nominees to the festival are Brenden Dykes for his work in lighting design and Olivia Skeens for costume design.

The cast and crew of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

McKenzie said an exciting new component at this year’s festival was the Next Steps program. Two-year college students attending at the festival will have the chance to audition for theatre faculty from four-year institutions and representatives of professional theatre companies.

“The Next Steps gives our students opportunities to go further in theatre outside the region,” said McKenzie. “This is the first time the festival has extended such an opportunity to students from two-year colleges.”

McKenzie himself earned a KCACTF award this year for Meritorious Achievement Award for Excellence in Directing. He will be presented with that award at the festival. A Northeast State alumnus with multiple KCACTF awards, McKenzie has served as technical director and a theatre faculty member for several years.

“I’ve been here more than my home, so this department has kinda become my home away from home,” said Hopson. “The people in our department are so close you don’t want to see anyone leave.”

Northeast State announces two VP appointments

 Northeast State Community College has announced the appointment of two vice presidents.

Dr. Sam Rowell, currently vice president for Academic Affairs, was named vice president for Economic and Workforce Development. He succeeds Dr. Jeff McCord who recently joined Governor-elect Bill Lee’s cabinet.

Connie Marshall, currently dean of Health Professions, succeeds Rowell as interim vice president for Academic Affairs.

Rowell has worked at Northeast State since 1996 in various capacities including associate professor, interim Dean of Advanced Technologies, Dean of Advanced Technologies, and interim VP for Academic Affairs. He has served as VP of Academic Affairs since May 2018. He also has nine years of industrial experience with McDonnell Douglas Corp. and Brunswick Composites.

Rowell has played significant roles in dual admissions agreements with King and Tusculum universities, and articulation agreements Milligan College and the Tennessee College for Applied Technology at Morristown. He aided successful academic audits for the EMT and A.A. and A.S. University Parallel programs as well as the Cardiovascular Technology Program accreditation.

Rowell holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from East Tennessee State University, as well as a master’s degree in Technology Education from California Long Beach, and bachelor’s and associate’s degrees Southern Illinois University.

“Dr. Rowell has done an excellent job as the college’s VP of Academic Affairs,” said Dr. Bethany Flora, president of Northeast State. “However, he has years of industrial, manufacturing and teaching experience that make him exceptionally qualified to assume the duties for economic and workforce development.”

In addition to his new role, Rowell will also resume duties as dean of Advanced Technologies with Keith Tittle continuing to serve as assistant dean of Advanced Technologies. Rowell will be instrumental in the finalization of the college’s $29.8 million Technical Education Complex, which is currently under construction, Flora said.

Marshall, who joined the college in 1999, was the first director and instructor of Northeast State’s Cardiovascular Technology Program.

As dean of Health Professions, she directed six academic programs at the Regional Center for Health Professions in Kingsport. The programs include Cardiovascular Technology, Dental Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Surgical Technology, and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic. She supervised the accreditation processes for each of the division’s programs as well. She also holds the title of associate professor.

Marshall received her associate of science degree from East Tennessee State University. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Tusculum University.

“With her teaching, academic, and leadership expertise in overseeing the six programs in Health Professions, Ms. Marshall is an excellent choice to succeed Dr. Rowell,” Dr. Flora said. “We know she will perform superbly in her new role.”

Dr. Flora said a decision on Marshall’s position would be forthcoming. The effective date for the transition is Feb. 1.

Congratulations to our December graduates

Northeast State says congratulations to our students who graduated in December. A total of 344 students completed the academic requirements in the Fall semester to graduate with their associate degrees and technical certificates. The College awarded those graduates 283 associate degrees and/or 125 technical certificates.

Fall graduates can attend the spring commencement ceremony held in May on the campus of East Tennessee State University. Diplomas for fall, spring, and summer terms are available to graduates for pick up in the Office of Admissions and Records approximately 4-6 weeks following each graduation semester.

The deadline to submit an application for graduation for the 2019 Spring semester is Feb. 4.